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16 Birds That Eat Dead Animals

Birds that eat dead animals

Do you want to know about birds That eat dead animals? Just read this article until the end! Precisely, there are hundreds and thousands of birds across the globe.

Half of the birds are domestic, and the rest are wild. Perhaps, each of these birds’ categories has distinguished feed. Some are carnivores, while others are omnivores. Berries, small fruits, mammals, and insects are favorite birdie food.

Apart from this, the domestic birds are fed nuts and grains. Yet if they will go for dead animals, they might harm their masters. I know birds are beautiful and cute, God’s creation. Yet the wild ones may harm people or target them repeatedly. And that isn’t calming.

Well, to boost your knowledge about birds and their food, pay a little attention to this article.

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Birds That Eat Dead Animals

The birds are the calmest and most tranquil ones. Eating dead animals doesn’t mean that they are dangerous or vibrant. Birds that eat dead animals perhaps depend upon their feeding site.

And yes, indeed, birds that eat dead animals are pure carnivores. More than ten birdie categories of birds love to eat dead animals. For your ease, we have enlisted some main birds that eat dead animals. Perhaps, clear your views about the bird that eat dead animals.

1. Vultures

Birds That Eat Dead Animals

A vulture is a big wild bird. Prefers to live in wild bushes, forests, or mountains. Vultures are true scavengers. Well, the vultures hardly target healthy prey. More often, the bird goes for the wounded and sick animals. Amphibians, reptiles, small insects, garbage, and anything edible are vulture’s cup of tea.

Interestingly, vultures are pretty picky. They ignore the dead animal that is one or two days old. Yet vultures prefer fresh meat. And it may be strange for you that the bird throws away the dead animal on the fourth day as the bird doesn’t prefer rotten and dry meat. If someone talks about birds that eat dead animals, then without hesitation, quote vultures in the list.

2. Buzzards


Similar to vultures, you cannot find buzzards near urban areas. Yet they are present all across the globe. But in the wild shrubs. Buzzard is medium-sized with a short break. The bird’s appearance is a mix and match of eagles and owls. And yes, the buzzards are beautiful as well. Predators are the birds that eat dead animals.

They are usually fed on carrions. They do not care whether the meat is fresh or rotten. Mostly, buzzards prefer a dead animal that is partially decomposed. Due to their small beak, the bird cannot eat big animals. Small insects, mice, rabbits, voles, and fishes are always buzzards’ favorite meals. Moreover, their feed depends upon the bird’s diverse habitat.

3. Eagles


Eagles are essentially cast in the list of birds that eat dead animals. Just like other birds, eagles also eat dead animals. Surprisingly, they do not mainly rely on dead animals but also target the alive animals.

These scavengers usually do so not only to feed themselves but also to scare the predators. Interestingly, eagles have their prey all over the world. Small insects, snakes, lizards, rabbits, fish, and carrions are the first preference of eagles.

Eagles are excellent at attacking their target. More often, it isn’t a problem for them if they do not find any dead or alive animal. Eagles find meat from the roadside scrap and feed themselves.

4. Seagulls


Well, seagulls fit their diet according to varying proportions of dead animals. The bird is observed flying around the coastal areas. Yet the bird isn’t fussy at all. Gulls are the only birds that can eat other small birds as well. Yet the feed of the seagulls ranges from fresh fish to the rotten ones or even garbage.

Interestingly, this coastal bird is well known for its opportunistic feeding trait. Seagulls get a little anxious in the winter season. Due to the insufficient food, they forage in towns and cities in search of food. And yes, seagulls are regular carrion eaters.

5. Crested Caracaras

Crested Caracaras

Caracaras is a medium-sized American bird. Moreover, the feathers on the bird’s head portray it as entirely different from other birds. Crested Caracaras are scavengers. Yet they eat not only dead animals but also eat live hunts. Additionally, they dive deep underwater to catch fish and crabs. As well as, if they have an opportunity, caracaras will target turtle eggs to feed themselves.

6. Skua Gull

Skua Gull

Skuas are sea birds of the Arctic and Antarctic region. The layman also recognizes them as seagulls. Gulls have to survive in cold water. Perhaps, sharp bills and thick feathers assist them in enduring the cold water. Due to the watery characteristic, Skua gulls eat dead fishes.

Moreover, if the bird doesn’t have any other option, they will eat whatever is available in front of them. Notably, the bird doesn’t harm any animal. Yet it targets animals dead or injured by other creatures. No matter is a seal or any other rotten fish as their food.

7. Condors

Birds That Eat Dead Animals

Condors the carrion eater is mainly present in North and South America. An interesting fact about condors is that condors will effectively catch carcasses if the bird finds them near them.

The bird is not only excellent at smelling its prey from a distance but have spectacular eyesight. Condors scent and target the prey far away and then attack it. Tear the animal into small pieces and gulp in within seconds.

Unlike other birds or animals, condors aren’t food for other birds. Perhaps, they kill other animals for the sake of food for them.

8. Crows


Crows are diverse in terms of food. Sometimes, the bird is a carnivore. On the other hand, crows are granivores or invertevores. Crows eat whatever they like. Yet the bird does not kill or injure any other animal to feed themselves.

Insects, earthworms, fruits, berries, and nuts are the bird’s favorite and most preferred food. Moreover, if they get some space, crows will correspondingly become carrions. 

Interestingly this irritating bird is pretty intelligent. It can quickly figure out a solution to their existing problem wisely.

9. Jays

Jays - Birds That Eat Dead Animals

The bird that eats dead animals lives in the Eastern and Central United States. Jay is a small-sized attractive beautiful bird. And can procreate in both deciduous and coniferous areas. Yes, it is 100 percent that jays can eat anything and anywhere.

Jay’s prey is called grasshoppers, beetles, snails, and other fellow birds. Perhaps, berries are jays’ frequent food. Yet they become dead animal eaters seldom.

Aside from other birds, jays are dangerous for plants and grain fields. Because Jay love to eat seed heads and baby plants. In other words, jays act as pests for the plants.

10. Ravens


Ravens are similar to crows. Readily available across the globe. Moreover, ravens have a dynamic habitat. Whether it is a desert or any green land. Precisely, the bird has a strong beak. It can quickly turn the dead animal into small pieces within seconds. Ravens are carrions. The bird prefers to eat a wide variety of lizards, frogs, and eggs of the fellow young birds.

An interesting fact about ravens is that the bird leaves traces and pieces of the dead animals for the other predators.

11. Hawks


Well, hawks are considered efficient and intelligent birds. Hawk is mostly found flying in some significant parts of America. The bird is famous for its myth that it eats what it hunts. But wait, no. Primitively, the bird targets the dead animal.

Watches the prey for a while. And then attacks the food, tears it into pieces, and circles it. Hawks aren’t dangerous for human beings. But if someone gets near to their prey, it is a chance that the bird might hurt the person.

12. Roadrunner


Roadrunners are the famous Mexican bird. The runner has a habitat on land, grassland, deserts, plains, etc. Roadrunners aren’t opportunistic feeders like hawks, ravens, and other birds. Roadrunners are easy-going birds.

The bird will tend to eat whatever they see in their surroundings. The bird may surely eat it. Easy peasy bird! Roadrunners eat insects, lizards, and baby birds. The bird eats dead animals with its sharp, long beak within minutes.

13. Osprey


Osprey is a Pacific bird. Perhaps, it has a dominant trait of exceptional eyesight. The bird may easily target its food from a far distance. Ospreys are the only bird that survives on fish as a food source. Sometimes, if they don’t find fresh live fish, the bird attacks the died or injured fish.

Moreover, the osprey is quite wise. They aren’t willing to leave their resting place for a long time. Osprey dives on the hunted fishes of the fisherman. Well, that’s quick and intelligent!

14. Red Kites

Black Kites

Kites are big birds similar to owls and eagles physically. The bird is typically found in the dried habitat. Kites aren’t much picky at all. They feed themselves with small mammals.

Well, the bird grabs its feed, returns to its nest, and enjoys a meal at its resting place. Perhaps, kites live on dry land. Where dead animals are abundant. Well, kites gather in a flock and then depart for the hunt of dead animals with their fellows.

15. Owls


Well, owls are known as night birds. The bird has an excellent night vision. Most probably, it hunts the carrion at night. Moreover, owls can’t tear their food into pieces, unlike other birds. Instead, it swallows it as a whole. Well, this is due to its short beak. Not only this, it spits away the indigestible parts of the dead animal.

16. Northern Harrier

Northern Harrier

Harriers are present in the Northern parts of America. Moreover, the bird has a wide wingspan. Due to this, the bird can easily hide its food in them and carry it toward its nest. Reptiles, snakes, insects, and carrions are part of their feed menu. Often, the bird is found swallowing snakes and hunting them from their paws.

What Is A Carrion Bird?

A bird that catches and eats dead animals is carrions. Pretty simple, huh! Well, for more knowledge, read the detail mentioned earlier.

Which Bird Feeds Dead Bodies of Other Animals?

Well, as you know, almost 16 types of birds eat animals. Out of these vultures are the only birds that rely entirely on dead animals. And nothing else.

Final Words

Every creature on this planet has to eat something to keep them alive. Birds have different feeds. Some of them are entirely carrions. At the same time, the others can eat anything they find.

Compelling the situation, I will perceive that it depends on the birds what they prefer to eat. Perhaps, most of them don’t kill the animal themselves. Instead, they grab the animal hunted by other species.

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