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How fast can Eagles Fly?

How fast can a golden eagle fly

Have you ever wondered how fast eagles can fly? We know that you have. They are such majestic creatures, and it’s interesting to know more about them. Well, wonder no more! We did a little research and found out some pretty amazing facts about eagle speed.

This article will talk about “How fast can Eagles fly?” There are different types of eagles worldwide. Each of them has different speed levels when flying. We’ll share the eagle flying speed in terms of different breeds. Golden eagle, martial, and sea eagles are notable if we consider some types. These birds come with various features and flying speeds.


How Fast Can Eagles Fly?

To kick start your topic about how fast eagles can fly, we have considered five different eagles. These are the Golden, Martial, Wedge-tailed, Stellar’s sea, and White-tailed eagle. 

How Fast Can A Golden Eagle Fly?

Golden eagles are considered to be the fastest of all eagles. Most eagles can fly at a speed of more or less than 30 mph. However, the Golden eagles will fly at 150 to 200 mph.

These eagles aren’t golden entirely. They’re brown, but the wing feathers are golden. 

So, that’s how they’re known as the golden eagle. However, their speed and agility make them fearless bird that preys easily on the air and ground. Next, we’ll talk about the Martial eagle, another fast eagle.

How Fast Can Martial Eagles Fly?

These eagles fly fast but not as quickly as the Golden Eagles. The Martial Eagle usually has a speed of 140 to 150 miles per hour. However, among all the African Eagles, these eagles are the largest.

These eagles will fly and hunt alone. But, due to their opportunistic character, they’re one of the most dangerous predators in the bird family. They’ll feed on monkeys, lambs, and birds like herons and geese.

How fast can Wedge-Tailed Eagles fly?

How fast can Eagles Fly

Wedge-tailed eagles aren’t as fast as the golden or martial eagles. But they can fly for a longer time. Also, they reach higher altitudes than most of the eagles. These eagles fly up to 2 km in the sky and can fly for 90 minutes.

The Wedge-tailed eagles have a speed of 30 mph. The Wedge-tailed Eagle can hunt alone, with a partner, or with a group of other birds. When a wedge-tailed eagle group attacks, they can kill animals as large as adult kangaroos.

How Fast Can Steller’s Sea Eagles Fly?

These eagles are as massive as you’d expect an eagle to be. When fully grown, they can weigh up to 25 pounds. Also, their wings will measure from 8 to 9 feet when spread.

They have a top speed of 150 mph, just like a Golden Eagle. However, the golden eagles can have a peak speed of 200 mph, which a Steller’s sea eagle won’t have. They’re diverse in terms of habitat. You can find them in Asia, Europe, and also the USA. Usually, they’ve got a lifespan of 20 to 22 years.

How Fast Can The White-Tailed Eagle Fly?

The White-tailed eagle comes with variety in speed when flying flat and diving. While diving, they can reach a speed up to 100 mph. However, they’ll have a rate of 30 mph during flat flying.

Due to their whitetail, they’re named white eagle. However, they’re also known as the gray eagle for their plumage. Like Steller’s Sea Eagle, the wings measure 8 feet when spread wide.

How High And Fast Can An Eagle Fly?

We’ve already talked about the speed of five different eagles. It seems eagles can have a top speed of 200 mph. However, some eagles can fly at 250 to 300 mph also.’ However, have we wondered how high an eagle fly can? Some eagles can fly at a high altitude of 2000 meters (2 km). But can an eagle fly over the clouds? Yes, they can when it’s raining.

An eagle can quickly fly over clouds with an average measurement of seven to eight feet wings. An eagle must cover 2400 to 2500 meters into the sky to fly over clouds.

How Long Can An Eagle Fly Without Landing?

It’s important to note that eagles have extreme agility and power. Also, the flying speed will be at least 30 mph. However, some eagles fly more than 100 mph.

But, eagles can fly up to 130 miles at a stretch. So, if they fly at a rate of 30 miles per hour, the time would be around 4 to 4 ½ hours. However, according to research and observation, they can also pass for a longer time.

Note that eagles usually don’t fly for four or more hours unless it’s necessary. They keep flying when there’s immediate danger on the ground in their habitat. But, they often land on earth to have water or hunt for food.

How Do Eagles Fly So Fast?

Eagles have strong body structures and wings. Their wings can spread up to eight feet when spread. So, with these features and characteristics, they can fly fast.

We’ve already mentioned the speed of different eagles. It seems they can fly at an average rate of 100 mph. While diving, they show even more speed and agility.

Can An Eagle Fly As High As A Plane?

Usually, eagles don’t fly as high as a plane. It’s important noting that aircraft will fly as high as 13000 to 14000 feet. However, eagles usually fly up to 2000 feet only. But, eagles can fly up to more than 10000 feet when necessary. So, one might wonder how they can manage oxygen at much higher levels. Well, eagles have a high level of hemoglobin in their body.

It helps them fly at higher altitudes without having any problems with oxygen. The particular mitochondria in the cells are functional to gain more oxygen in the blood vessels and muscles.

Can An Eagle Fly Higher Than A Plane?

Not all planes fly at the same level. Some aircraft, like military jets, will fly up to 30000 feet into the sky. But, an eagle can fly up to 13000 feet or more in the sky. So, eagles don’t always fly higher than a plane. Different factors can limit an eagle from flying higher than a plane. For example, the wind gust and direction are factors that help or determine an eagle to fly at higher altitudes.

eagle fly

Do Eagles Fly At Night?

No. Usually, we don’t find eagles flying at night. However, in rare cases, they hunt for food at night if they can’t manage it during the day. Eagles have good vision but not so well in the dark. That’s why they refrain from flying at night. Instead, these birds hunt for food all day long and return to the nest with food.

How Do Eagles Fly In A Storm?

Eagles can manipulate their flying speed with their wings. When the wind gust is over their limit, they fold their wings and become motionless. In this way, they go with the wind flow and fly accordingly.

How Far Can An Eagle Fly In A Day?

Eagles can fly up to 125 to 130 miles in a day. However, they can fly at an average or peak speed. For example, if they fly at an average of 30 mph, they’ll move for 3 to 4 hours.

When they need hunting all day long, they fly for such distances. They won’t always fly 130 miles. They quickly find foods with their vision and strength and go to the nest before evening.

Are Eagles Faster Than Falcons?

No, eagles aren’t faster than falcons. Falcons have an average of 240 to 250 mph speed. 

On the contrary, eagles have an average speed of 200 mph. That’s 40 mph less than falcons. The diving and flat flying speed are both more for falcons. So, eagles won’t fly quicker than falcons.

Can An Eagle Fly Across The Ocean?

Yes, eagles can fly across the ocean. But, all the eagles don’t fly over the sea unless it’s required. Experts and researchers say that eagles can fly up to 2000 to 3000 miles across the ocean.

Can An Eagle Fly Higher Than A Hawk?

Hawks can fly up to 1000 meters high. On the contrary, the golden eagle can reach up to 2000 meters. So, eagles can fly higher than a hawk. The flying level of these two birds is a critical difference between them.

How Do Eagles Fly In A Storm?

The eagle flies in a storm with long wings and an agile body structure. They can use the wind gust and direction and fly accordingly. They’re known to fold their wings and go along the wind when there’s a storm.

Final Words

To conclude the topic of how fast eagles can fly, we are confident that eagles are one of the most potent flyers among all the birds in the world. Their flying capacity is matchless. Not only do they fly higher, but also they can dive at an incredible speed and catch their prey quickly.

Even though they’re not the fastest flyers, they’re still one of the best in flying high and long-distance. Their vision is unmatchable, which helps them find food quickly from a great height.

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