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How To Attract Cardinals To Your Yard? 

How To Attract Cardinals To Your Yard

Do you love spending time outdoors in your backyard but feel like something is missing? How about adding some beautiful cardinals to your yard? Cardinals are a joy to watch, and they add so much beauty to any yard. 

So, if you are enchanted to see the beauty of cardinals and want to know how to attract cardinals to your yard, then this article is for you. In this blog post, we will discuss tips on how to attract these lovely birds to your home. 

Keep reading because we are going to discuss some tips that will help you bring and keep these beautiful birds in your backyard. Let’s begin with the location of the Northern cardinals. 


Where Northern Cardinals Live?

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Northern Cardinals live in the eastern and central United States, as well as eastern and central Mexico.

Cardinals are year-round residents in most of their range, but some birds may migrate to southern Florida or Texas during the winter months.

The male cardinal is easily identified by its bright red coloration. The female is mostly gray with a reddish tint on the wings and tail.

Cardinals are cavity nesters, meaning they build their nests inside tree cavities, birdhouses, or even old buildings. They typically lay 3–5 eggs per clutch. 

Tips To Attract Cardinals To Your Yard

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Cardinals are one of the most fascinating birds in North America. They are so named because their bright red color is reminiscent of the robes of cardinals in the Catholic Church.

These striking birds can be found in a variety of habitats, from forests to open fields to backyards.

Cardinals are generally quite tame and can often be seen visiting birdfeeders or perched on tree branches close to people.

They are interesting birds to watch because they are very active and playful, constantly hopping and flitting around as they search for food or simply enjoy life. Here are some general tips on how to attract cardinals to your yard. 

1. Provide a variety of food sources for the birds, including both seeds and berries.

2. Install a bird feeder or birdbath in your yard.

3. Make sure your yard is well landscaped, with plenty of trees and shrubs for the birds to perch on.

4. Keep your lawn well trimmed and avoid using pesticides or herbicides, which can be harmful to birds.

5. Be patient! Cardinals are not typically drawn to feeders until late winter or early spring.

Now you know how to attract cardinals to your yard, let’s discuss these tips in detail. 

Choose the Right Food

There are a number of different foods that you can provide to attract cardinals to your yard. Cardinals prefer seeds over other foods, so offering a mix of birdseed will be the most appealing to them. You can also offer them nuts, fresh fruit, and water.

Use Proper Feeders

It’s important to make sure that you keep your birdfeeders clean and full of fresh food in order to keep the cardinals coming back.

If you provide a variety of food options and keep your feeders clean, you should be able to enjoy watching these beautiful birds in your backyard for years to come.

Provide Water Sources

Cardinals are attracted to water sources for two reasons. 

  • First, they need a place to drink and bathe. 
  • Second, they like to use water as a place to perch and watch for predators. 

You can attract cardinals to your yard by providing more water sources in the form of bird baths or fountains.

You can also increase the number of plants in your yard that provide berries and seeds.

Cardinals love to eat berries and seeds, so adding these plants will provide them with both a food source and a place to drink and bathe.

Prevent Frozen Water

One way to attract cardinals to your yard is by providing them with an adequate source of warm water, especially during the winter months when temperatures drop and frozen water becomes more common. 

Cardinals are attracted to moving water, so try installing a birdbath or fountain that will keep the water flowing.

By preventing frozen water in your yard, you’ll make it easier for cardinals and other birds to find essential hydration during their stay.

Offer Protective Shelter

By providing a safe and sheltered place for them to stay, you can attract cardinals to your yard and enjoy their company. One way to provide shelter for cardinals is to put up a birdfeeder. This will give them a place to eat, and they may also use it as a refuge from bad weather or predators. 

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Encourage Nesting Sites

By providing a safe place for them to nest, you can encourage Cardinals to visit your yard. Cardinals prefer to build their nests in tall trees or shrubs, so try to provide a few high perches in your yard. 

You can also create a nesting box out of wood or plastic and mount it in a tree or on the side of your house. Be sure to clean and refill the nesting box with fresh sawdust or wood shavings each year.

Tempt With Right Treats

Cardinals are attracted to both red and black seeds, so try planting a variety of both in your yard.

By providing a food source that is high in sugar and fat, you can attract cardinals to your yard.

Be sure to keep your bird feeder clean and filled with fresh seed to ensure the cardinals have a constant food source.

Keep Your Feeders Full at All Times

By keeping your feeder full at all times, you will undoubtedly attract cardinals to your yard.

Cardinals are attracted to a variety of foods, including sunflower seeds, cracked corn, safflower seeds, and Nyjer seed.

It’s important that you provide a variety of food options in order to appeal to the widest possible range of cardinals.

Provide Nesting Material

Cardinals are attracted to yards that provide nesting material. Some common materials include:

  • Fibers such as cotton, wool, and string
  • Thin strips of wood
  • Straw
  • Natural rope

Cardinals also prefer yards with evergreens and a water source. If you want to attract cardinals to your yard, try adding some of these features.

Add caterpillar-hosting plants

An effective way to attract cardinals is by adding caterpillar-hosting plants to your yard. These plants will provide the cardinals with food and a place to nest.

Some good caterpillar-hosting plants to consider include milkweed, black cherry, and viburnum.

All of these plants are easy to grow and can be found at most nurseries. Be sure to provide a source of water for the cardinals, too, as they will need it during the hot summer months.

Add Layers to Your Landscape

Adding layers to your landscape is a great way to attract cardinals. Cardinals are attracted to areas that have dense shrubs and trees, as well as areas with plenty of cover from the sun.

By adding a variety of plants to your yard, you can create an inviting habitat for cardinals that will keep them coming back for years. 

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Things to Avoid

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When attracting cardinals, homeowners should avoid using feeders that also offer a perch for predators such as hawks, cats, and other birds.

Cardinals are loyal to their territory and will return to the same spot year-round if conditions are right, so it’s important to keep your feeder clean and well-stocked. 

Providing fresh water in a nearby birdbath is also key to attracting cardinals. Let’s discuss what else you should avoid if you want to attract cardinals to your yard. 

Reflective surfaces

One way to deter cardinals from coming around is to install a reflective surface, such as silver aluminum flashing around your property.

The reflected light will scare the birds away, and they will eventually find another place to congregate. So make sure to avoid this. 

Harmful chemicals

Some common harmful chemicals that can be used to keep cardinals away from your yard include:

  • Methoxychlor
  • Toxaphene
  • Chlordane

All of these chemicals are known to be toxic to birds and can cause serious health problems or even death. So if you’re looking to keep cardinals close to your yard, it’s best to avoid using any harmful chemicals. 

Predator-accessible feeding area

Cardinals will stay away from your yard if you have a predator-accessible feeding area. By providing a safe place for predators to feed, you are effectively reducing the availability of potential food sources for cardinals in your yard.

So, make sure to provide a predator-free feeding area to your cardinals to keep them close. 

Do You Have Cardinals In Your Yard?

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If you see some different birds in your yard and want to know if they are cardinals and not some other bird, then look for the following things in them. 

  • Cardinals have characteristic red feathers on their heads, hence their name. 
  • You can usually identify a cardinal by its perky crest. 
  • Male cardinals also have a black throat, and female cardinals have a brown throat. 

If the qualities of the birds in your yard resemble the qualities given above, then they must be cardinals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

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If you’re lucky enough to have Cardinals visiting your backyard, there are a couple of things you can do to make them feel at home and encourage them to stay awhile. 

  • First, provide some food for the Cardinals in your yard. They love seeds, nuts, and fruit. 
  • Second, make sure you have a birdfeeder or two hanging around. 

Cardinals prefer to perch while they eat, so make sure your feeders are nice and tall. Let’s discuss some most frequently asked questions about cardinals and how to attract cardinals to your yard. 

What colors attract cardinals? 

Cardinals are attracted to bright colors. In particular, they like red, orange, and yellow. That’s why you often see cardinals perched on Christmas trees or other brightly colored decorations.

Name some Plants that attract cardinals. 

Cardinals are attracted to plants that have red or orange blossoms. Some plants that appeal to cardinals include honeysuckle, red salvia, and trumpet vine.

Additionally, seed heads on plants such as coneflower, goldenrod, and black-eyed Susan also attract cardinals.

How to attract cardinals in winter? 

There are a few things you can do to attract cardinals in winter:

1. Provide food: Cardinals love seeds, berries, and nuts. You can buy a bird feeder or make your own feeder from a simple pine cone.

2. Place fresh water in your yard: Cardinals also enjoy drinking fresh water, so place a bird bath in a sunny spot in your yard.

3. Offer shelter: Cardinals need a place to hide from predators and the elements, so provide some low-lying shrubs or trees for them to nest in.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to enjoy watching these beautiful birds all winter long. We hope now you know how to attract cardinals to your yard in winter. 

Do Cardinal only eat from a birdfeeder?

Cardinals are opportunistic feeders and will eat a variety of food items, including seeds from birdfeeders, insects, berries, and even small lizards. However, they prefer to forage for food on their own and typically won’t visit a birdfeeder unless there is nothing else around to eat. 

Why have my cardinals disappeared? 

There could be a number of reasons why your cardinals have disappeared from your yard, but the most likely explanation is that they have migrated to a different area in search of food and shelter.

Some bird species, including cardinals, will travel long distances in order to find the right environment for them.

Another possibility is that a predator may have eaten them or that they died from exposure to harsh weather conditions. It’s important to remember that wild animals are subject to natural selection and death, so it’s not unusual for them to disappear suddenly from an area.

What’s the cardinal bird seed mix? 

The cardinal bird seed mix is a popular type of bird seed that is known to attract cardinals. It typically contains black oil sunflower seeds, white proso millet, red millet, and thistle.

Final Words

To sum up, if you want to know how to attract cardinals to your yard then place out food and water sources for the birds, and keep your yard free of predators like cats.

By providing them with the right food, water, and shelter, you can attract these lovely creatures to your backyard. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy watching the cardinals all year long.

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