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Birds That Bring Good Luck

Birds That Bring Good Luck

Birds have long been considered symbols of luck and good fortune. Whether it is the American robin that is often seen as a harbinger of spring or the Australian Magpie that is said to bring good news, there is a lot to study on this topic.

So if you’re looking for a little bit of extra luck in your life, why not look at birds that bring good luck? From the common raven to the majestic eagle, here are some top birds considered sacred in different cultures.

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Birds That Bring Good Luck

Well, birds bring love, peace, and colors to your life. Birds symbolize freedom. Primitively, birds were a reliable source of communication as well as a sign of good luck.

People often think that consecutive interaction with birds brings good fortune. Yet, some believe birds like Omen can also be a sign of bad luck.

People tend to believe that Omen is an ill-luck and a source of downfall. On a lighter note, we have a list of birds that undoubtedly bring good luck.

  • Cardinal
  • Blue Jay
  • Magpie
  • Duck
  • Dove
  • Rooster
  • Robin
  • Owl
  • Crane
  • Woodpecker
  • Stork
  • Pigeon
  • Peacock
  • Blackbird
  • Swallow
  • Hummingbird


Northern Cardinal

The Cardinal is a beautiful medium-sized bird. The bird is native to America and has a long tail with a short break. At times, the bird indulges spiritual and emotional feelings in humans. Cardinal’s first sight has a special meaning and symbolizes good luck

In some significant parts of America, Cardinal represents love, devotion, relationship, and much more. American Tribal people perceive that cardinals bring rain and lovely weather. 

Its bright red color uplifts the mood and brings joy to life. 

Blue Jay


For the local Americans, Blue jays bring prosperity with them. These tiny creatures are pretty attractive. People often consider them as a lucky charm that gives righteous direction.

If a blue jay crosses your path, it has a substantial spiritual significance.

Indeed Jay is the source of eternity and peace for people. The bird brings good luck in the form of happiness, wealth, and colors of life. Keeping all of this in mind, we have included it in the list of birds that bring good luck.



The native Chinese presume that Magpie indicates happiness and good fortune. They also consider Magpie a sacred bird. Magpies are best at illusion and optimism. It has a higher IQ level than other birds.

If a magpie interacts with a household, it is believed that happiness and resourcefulness will follow. So Magpie is on the list of the birds that bring good luck.


Birds That Bring Good Luck

Ducks are cute little water birds. According to some people, If you see a flock of ducks near your household, congratulations, money is coming your way. Primarily, ducks symbolize fertility, peace, money, happiness, and joyfulness. 

Ducks carry a spiritual as well as emotional connection with them. Furthermore, ducks have the unique capability of living on both land and water. This intimates flexibility and flaccidity. Different cultures teach their followers to keep ducks in their households.



According to a native Roman myth, Dove often anticipates the future. This beautiful white bird symbolizes freedom and peace. It is a lucky charm for not only Romans but people from different cultures.  

Many people believe that doves are indeed a sign of good luck. In ancient days, people used to sacrifice doves to seek protection from wrath. Doves are gentle, graceful, and divine. Hence, we have put it on the birds that bring good luck.


Roosters Crow

The Irish believe that roosters are a sign of good fortune for them. The bird brings prosperity and wealth to the people. Chinese and Japanese believe no home is complete without the rooster’s luck. 


American Robin

The English, Irish, and Scottish assume robins to be lucky charms for them. They still rely on the old robin rhythms. Robins are indeed lucky charms for many. Being around a robin may be a harbinger of joy and happiness. It is believed that the presence of robins boosts fertility and fortune.



Owls are a good luck charm for many people. It is ancient terminology that owls attract prosperity and happiness towards them. In simple words, wherever an owl goes, it carries prosperity with it. The owl is a source of wisdom, intelligence, and abundance. Yet, in many cultures, owls are considered an evil luck symbol. 


crane - Birds That Bring Good Luck

Cranes indicate better luck and a triumphant future. The bird portrays heath and purity. Keeping a crane is often associated with a happy, prosperous married life.

An attractive Chinese norm includes exchanging paper crane motifs, gifts, or stickers as a source of eternal blessing.



Woodpeckers are associated with luck, good fortune, and spiritual treatment. Perhaps, the people perceive that the bird brings good luck and guides them in the right direction. People also believe woodpeckers as a charm of good health. Compared to other birds, woodpeckers are the most intelligent birds. 



It may sound fairy tale to you, but yes, it is true. Storks deliver babies in their arms. The bird brings good luck in the form of fertility. The stork is a typical fairy tale bird. It is a big white bird with a beautiful yellow beak completely covered with feathers.

Moreover, the bird is an excellent symbol of happiness. The bird has a unique and positive relationship with fortune. People wish to see this bird repetitively. In most cultures, storks indicate joy. Despite this, it has a consistent relationship with pleasure and satisfaction.



Pigeon is considered to have a lot of unknown good luck facts. Persistence, harmony, mercy, and freedom are the top-notch charms of the bird. Do you know that pigeons were the first birds who became human’s best friends? 

Surprising? In some Asian cultures, people kill pigeons as they consider them bad luck. But people in different parts of the world keep pigeons with them as a good luck charm.



Peacocks are beautiful, attractive, and appealing. Their feathers are a pure and beautiful combination of different colors. People keep peacock feathers in their spaces for decoration and to welcome good fortune. Peacocks are on the list of birds that bring good luck.

Asian people pet peacocks happily. It portrays success, wealth, and a career of your own choice. Peacocks can never be associated with ill fortune.



Blackbirds are said to be lucky charms in Japanese culture. Believers associate the bird as a sign of good fortune and a spiritual guide. Blackbirds also symbolize a happy married life. The blackbird guides the Japanese spiritually. It also helps their souls stay at peace.


Barn Swallow

The bird is significant in broadcasting joy, love, and hope. Swallow has a unique flying style. Moreover, if a swallow makes a nest near your house, it is sacred. This symbolizes prosperity and good luck for the family. Moreover, frequent swallow visits refer to upcoming wealth and happiness.


Is hummingbird good luck?

We all do admire the sweet and musical sound of the hummingbird. It is indeed an attractive natural creature. The hummingbird is present on the list of birds that bring good luck. The tiny wings of the hummingbird symbolize hope for many. The bird is simply an indication of good luck. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, for your convince, we have enlisted some frequently asked questions.

What Does a Bluebird Represent Spiritually?

The blue color is a sign of peace and freedom. In different cultures, bluebirds spiritually represent peace. It also keeps the negative energy away. Bluebirds are a symbol of hope, love, and dignity. Spiritually bluebird depicts the essence of life and joy.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of a Bird Flying In Your House?

If a bird is flying around your house, stay relaxed and calm instead of scaring them away. It means that your house is a safe place for many. Moreover, it has peace and serenity.

Are Hawks Good Luck or Bad Luck?

Hawks are a sign of good luck for many. In some cultures, people used to worship these birds. Hawks determine protection; depict future, leadership, focus, and more. Yet, on the other hand, hawks are bad luck in some cultures. 

Lucky Birds in Feng Shui

Do you know what feng shui is? Feng Shui is a Chinese belief that refers to the earth’s natural element. Feng shui focuses on the bird that brings good luck. Magpie, Phoenix, Ducks, Roosters, and peacocks symbolize good fortune.

Does Feeding Birds Bring Good Luck?

Yes, feeding birds and other animals can bring prosperity and happiness to your life. It also excludes negativity within a blink of an eye. Doing good deeds such as feeding birds can surely bring good luck to your life.

Are Crow’s Good Luck?

Crows neither bring good luck nor bad luck. In Asian countries, people release caged crows to bring good fortune in their life.

Do Parrots Bring Good Luck?

This beautiful green bird symbolizes love, loyalty, and good luck. Also, if you pet them, undoubtedly, you will have a good fortune.

Final Words

Good luck is something we all desire in our life. We do everything possible to make our future bright and prosperous. Birds are a sign of good luck for many cultures. Each bird has different spiritual meanings. We hope this guide helped provide information regarding birds that bring good.

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