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How To Attract Ravens?

How To Attract Ravens

Just read this article until the end! f you’re a bird lover, you probably know that Ravens are some of the most exciting and engaging birds. They are known for their intelligence and mischievous behavior and make great pets. If you’re interested in learning how to attract ravens to your backyard, you can do a few things to increase your chances.

This article will help you with everything necessary to attract ravens and crows.


How to Attract Ravens and Crows to Your Yard?

How to Attract Ravens and Crows to Your Yard

Attracting ravens and crows to your garden is not as simple as adding a bird feeder in the corner of the park. They are different from regular singing birds, and so are their feeding choices and other habits. 

However, It is not difficult to learn how to attract ravens. You just have to keep a different approach to make ravens and crows visit your garden often.

The way to attract ravens and crows to your backyard includes a mix of landscaping, food, and loads of patience. 

Offer Them Treats

The easiest way to attract ravens is to offer them some treats. Ravens are very smart predators who tend to always look for food and water. You can offer chicken liver, chicken, meat, and fats that aren’t usually found naturally. 

Moreover, depending on your budget, you can offer different types of foods such as fruit, bread, nuts, seeds, peanuts, and vegetables to offer a buffet. These arrangements will help you attract more and more ravens and crows to your backyard.

Add Water Sources

A thirsty raven will act agitated. They look for water to fulfil their daily nutritional needs, clean their plumage, and cool down their temperature. It is essential to add water sources to your garden besides treats.

Adding water to your garden will make it the first choice for ravens and crows to visit. Grab some earthen pots with small heights and wide areas, so ravens can quickly drink and take a bath. 

Make your Yard Interesting

Make sure your garden looks interesting to ravens and crows. You can add some statues, hanging ornaments, and flowering plants to attract these intelligent birds. There are also options for adding different types of perches at random places in the garden to give ravens a place to sit and rest.

Even little things like hanging a mirror can make your garden exciting and unique from others. You can also go for installing a dummy raven to attract real ravens and crows around the yard. 

Provide Shelter

Ravens and crows look for places to build nests during breeding seasons. You can help them. If you want them to come back again and again, consider installing some birdhouses and shelters so ravens can have a safe place to build their nests.

More trees in your backyard mean more shelter and increased places to build nests. Moreover, less human activity is a sign of protection and a safe place to breed. 

So, keep your movement to a minimum in the nest-building season to give ravens a sense of safety. 

Provide Roosting Ground

Ravens and crows are considered to be social animals. They prefer places to sit with their pals and observe what’s happening around them. Adding roosting ground gives ravens and crows more opportunities to sit and socialize.
If you don’t have tall structures or trees in your garden, you can add some artificially. Install crossbars and hang some wires atop existing structures. This will give them a safe place to settle.

Install a Bird Bath

Birds love to bathe, especially in summer, and ravens are no exception. Installing a bird bath will single-handedly attract loads of birds to your garden. It will entice ravens and crows to consider your garden their home.

Water is essential because birds need it to drink, bathe, maintain feathers, and cool off in the summer ablaze. Crows and ravens will descend on your garden in the hot summer months to have a bath.

Consider installing bigger bird baths to attract ravens and crows, given their size. They prefer longer and deeper baths as compared to other small birds. If you can afford a running water bath, you already know how to attract ravens.  

Create a Feeding Routine

Consider putting out food at the same time of the day to give a sense of routine. This is important because spreading some food and waiting for ravens to visit is not enough. It will not make them remember your garden.

Nobody can hate a steady supply of food that needs little effort. They will figure out your routine and know when to expect food from the garden.


It will establish a trust that will last many seasons and sometimes for life. However, even after years of friendship, a crow can act unreasonably fearful due to its skittish and cunning nature. 

Leave Shiny Objects Around your Yard

Leaving shiny objects around your yard is a technique to attract birds that stand the test of time. Although no scientific evidence supports the claim, bird enthusiasts believe that crows and ravens have a thing for shiny objects.

There are many stories of crows and ravens collecting shiny objects. They also look for things of obvious value. Experts agree that a raven will more likely visit a garden if some shiny objects are installed around it. Once you develop a trust level with a raven, you will crack the secret of how to attract ravens.

Don’t Try to Get too Close

Although they act friendly sometimes, ravens and crows are skeptical of humans. They shy away whenever they get the opportunity. Maybe it is in their genes, or they have developed this habit after observing human behavior towards them.

They are considered pests and nuisances in most cultures. Even after years and years of friendship, they may still act weird and aloof. Maybe this is why they are so successful as a species and have no fear of going extinct. 

So, it is recommended to maintain a distance from them and prefer not to go too close, or you will scare them off. 

How do you Befriend a Raven or Crow?

 Raven or Crow

If you offer them treats, they can become your friends. Consider feeding them different foods that are not usually available in nature. You should maintain a feeding routine, keep your distance, and make your garden attractive, and you are good to go.

These techniques are enough to befriend a raven. However, it would be best if you remembered that one single act of deceiving could ruin even years of friendship. So, don’t break their trust. 

What Can I Feed Ravens?

The ravens are mostly predators and like to eat meat. You can feed them chicken liver, shredded beef, cat food, and other meaty treats. Corn and cat food are their favorites. With consistent offerings, they can prove beneficial to building a trustworthy relationship.

A particular time and place will make them quickly identify your feeding patterns, and they will return frequently. Be consistent, be on schedule, and don’t look threatening, and you are good to feed whatever you want. 

What do Ravens Like to Collect?

 Raven drinking water

There are theories that ravens love to collect shiny objects to impress other ravens. These include pebbles, metal objects, mirror pieces, golf balls, etc. By putting shiny things, you have already known how to attract ravens. 

But, remember, they are smart birds, and they like to bully. When they consider something valuable to you, they will try to steal it and add it to their collection. So, keep shiny things away if you don’t want ravens to steal those.

Do Ravens Remember Kindness?

Ravens and crows are considered the most intelligent animals, and they interact with humans in different ways. Some studies show captive ravens can visit their caretakers after being released into the wild. 

They can also develop a soft corner for their caretakers. They have incredible memories and probably remember all the good things you have done for them. 

So, be kind and feed them treats whenever possible to leave a lasting impression. 

Will a Raven Kill a Chicken?

Will a Raven Kill a Chicken?

Ravens are considered predators, but that doesn’t mean they hunt for sport or kill for pleasure. They only pursue it when they need food to survive. There are fair chances that ravens will not come closer to your chickens.

This is because of two reasons:

  • Firstly, they do not always fight for their survival,
  • Secondly, the small size of the chickens.

They are smart enough to know that your garden is not a hunting place, so the best they will do is watch chickens from a distance and fly away if chickens come too close to them. 

Will Ravens Attack a Human?

No, ravens don’t attack people without a valid reason. They may attack if you seem threatening or they are hungry and you have food. They are wild animals, and you don’t know what can set them off. 

So it is recommended to be careful around them. You have nothing to worry about as long as you keep a fair distance.

Why do Ravens Symbolize Fear and Evil?

How To Attract Ravens

Symbolizing ravens as evil is more of a European thing. It’s hard to tell if it’s due to their dark plumage, size, or meat-eating tendencies. It could be a combination of all these.

The French, Germans, Swedish, and Denish all fear raven and consider it evil due to different reasons. On the other hand, in Eastern cultures, the ravens are not considered evil but rather friendly messengers from god.

Are Ravens Smart?

There are many instances in which ravens tricked people into stealing their food. They can pretend to be dead to scare off other ravens from a delicious meal. They can drop stones on people attempting to climb a tree that hosts a raven nest. 

One Logic Test

Scientists have conducted many experiments with ravens to get an insight into their intelligence. One of these experiments was the One Logic Test. The test ravens were presented with a puzzle to solve and get a piece of food. Raven had to pull the hanging food up the string, which they did and completed the experiment.

Final Words

Ravens are one of the most fascinating animals in the world. They are large, black birds with a mysterious aura around them. Even though they are not considered evil, they still hold a high place in mythology and folklore. We hope that we have helped you learn about how to attract ravens. If you want to get to know them better, observing them from a distance is best.

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