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How to Keep Birds Off Your Porch?

How to Keep Birds Off Your Porch

If you are looking for answers to how to keep birds off your porch, then you are at the right place. Everybody loves birds because of their colorful body, sweat chirping, and pure loving soul. But Sometimes, these feathered friends can be a nuisance and highly problematic when they make their homes on your porch. 

Seeing crows and pigeons doesn’t always feel welcoming because of their smelly dropping and pecking. It will be hard for you to live in constant noise and clean the porch every other day. When the birds make your porch their home, your porch becomes an undesirable place for the guest to sit and enjoy quality time.


How to Keep Birds Off Your Porch?

Birds are a significant part of our natural ecosystem, and no one can deny their importance. However, if they constantly come and poop on your porch, this will make you suffer. If you want to know how to keep birds off your porch keep reading!

You can quickly get rid of these feathered friends by following these ways.

1. Hang a Plastic Owl Near the Porch Light

Plastic Owl Near

Your porch light provides birds with warmth and plenty of space to lay eggs and take care of them. You may have seen people hanging different birds in the field to frighten other birds. A similar approach can be applied to your porch. 

Placing a plastic model of a predator bird near your porch light indicates that the area has already been occupied. This tactic doesn’t only prevent birds from coming to your porch, but your lawn will also be free from these birds.

2. Don’t Feed the Birds 

Don’t Feed the Birds 

Feeding the birds is an act of kindness. Birds are innocent creatures; therefore, if you provide them on your porch, they will begin to consider it their home. Once you feed the birds, they will come in groups and occupy the area. 

Although feeding the birds is a good thing, you have to stop it. Don’t forget to clean the porch and remove food particles from there as well. It is recommended that birds must be fed away from the porch. This will help you to keep birds off your porch.

Place the feeder in your backyard, where it can be less invasive. This is a great practice, but you still have to clean the backyard of your home.

3. Install Appropriate Bird Spikes

 Bird Spikes

Some parts of the porch are the best sitting points for the birds. They love to come to their favorite spot and build nests there with time. The porch light is an ideal location for hatching their eggs. 

Installing bird spikes is one of the best practices you can do to avoid. These spikes are also known as anti-roosting spikes, consisting of long sharp needle-like spikes to prevent birds from sitting there. It is a complete humane practice that serves as a physical barrier. 

There are many advantages of these bird spikes. 

  • These spikes don’t cost you much. It is reasonable practice and doesn’t require any maintenance costs. 
  • These spikes are incredibly weather-resistant and reliable. 
  • They can be used for an extended period, even at extreme temperatures.

4. Call a Professional 

Call a Professional 

Call a professional if the birds have already built their nests on your porch and you don’t know what to do. Don’t try to destroy the nest because it is a legal offense in most parts of the world, including the United States.

While breaking or destroying the nest, you can get yourself trapped in bigger trouble. Therefore, don’t ever consider this option because it is an inhumane practice too.The best way to deal with this situation is by calling wildlife professionals.

These people know how to deal with the situation carefully. Additionally, they will guide you on how to keep birds off your porch too. They will safely relocate the nest in a wild location.

5. Using Auditory Deterrents

Auditory Deterrents

Using auditory deterrents is a way of keeping birds off your porch by using sound. Among all the auditory deterrents, wind chimes are highly recommended for the porch. You can easily hang or install these auditory deterrents on the porch, lawn, or patio at the bird’s favorite locations. These wind chimes are available in numerous shapes, colors, and sounds.

Metal wind chimes serve two purposes, creating sounds constantly and reflecting light on birds sitting on the porch

Always place wind chimes where birds tend to build nests, such as porch lights. If your porch is large and birds can come at multiple locations, try installing these instruments 10 to 15 ft apart.

How Do You Keep Birds from Pooping on Your Porch?

No one likes birds pooping on the porch. If you’re experiencing it, you’re not alone. There are some ways to keep birds from pooping on your porch. 

  1. You can use bird-repellent spray for them. There are different types of mixtures used to make this spray at home, and it doesn’t let birds stay for a more extended period
  2. Birds usually poop near an open water source. If you have it in your home, try removing or covering it. 
  3. Birds have a unique attraction to some colors. For example, orioles are attracted to orange, and bluebirds come towards blue color. Therefore, remove such significant colors from your porch. 
  4. Noise and reflective tape are other terrific options to avoid these feathered friends. 
  5. Another exciting way to prevent your porch is by redirecting these birds to other places and making a special place for them in the backyard or lawn.

What Home Remedy Keeps Birds Away?

What Home Remedy Keeps Birds Away

Birds are an exceptional creation of God. But they can cause disturbance around your residence. Perhaps, to avoid such circumstances, you can keep birds away from your place through simple and easy home remedies. 

Here we have a short list of remedies:

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an essential ingredient in every kitchen. If you are getting irritated by the frequent birdie interaction in your surroundings, don’t get worried. Grab baking soda from your kitchen racks. Dust the powder around your backyard.

Your house will entirely be free from birds. The birds dislike the soda feels under their toes. Perhaps, they will quit roaming in your yard.


This home remedy is the most straightforward way to keep birds at a distance. You need to place a net around your yard to break the bridge between the birds and your place. The netting should be fine, so the birds don’t get stuck. Make sure to keep the holes small; otherwise, they will become a potential threat to other animals and your pets too.

Cayenne Pepper

This home remedy will work great for you if you can bear the smell of cayenne pepper. Cayenne is an excellent bird repellent as they can’t stand its hotness and pungent smell.

Mix water with cayenne powder to make a spray bottle. Use this mixture wherever you think birds are causing trouble. You can also sprinkle this powder around your backyard or garden to keep birds at bay.

Aluminum Foil Balloons

Hanging aluminum foil balloons is an excellent way to keep birds away from your place. The shiny surface of the balloons will reflect light, and birds will mistake it for a predator.

You can also cover trees and bushes with this reflective material to make them look like predators.

What Scent Will Keep the Birds Away?

Birds are the liveliest natural creation. They love colors, dynamic smells, music, and much more. Birds roam around fully scented gardens, yards, houses, etc. However, massive bird flocks can destroy things, even events, within a blink of an eye, which isn’t very pleasant.

Perhaps, if you don’t want your garden event, newly planted trees, or renovated lawns to get destroyed, all you need to do is use these scents. 

Birds particularly hate certain fragrances. Peppermint oil, citronella, lemon, garlic vinegar, and cayenne pepper are essential ingredients in everyone’s daily routine, but birds strongly dislike them. Each of these commodities has a very sturdy smell.

Birds get frequently irritated by them. We highly suggest you spray these scents around the place.

How Do I Keep Birds from Building A Nest On My Porch?

Building A Nest  Porch

Like humans or animals, birds also need a nest or home to stay, lay eggs and take care of their offspring. However, allowing them to make a nest on your porch will become very problematic with time.

  1. Birds usually flock to your porch because it contains some material that birds can use to build a good nest. Try removing that material as soon as you can. 
  1. Birds find the citrus smell very obnoxious, and they will never go near approach it. Add water and citrus juice. Pour it into a bottle and spray it onto the porch to repel the unwanted guests
  1. Birds are terrified when they see pets like cats or dogs, and they don’t like to build a nest near these pets. Therefore, try considering these excellent guards. 

Birds use dry leaves, twigs, and tree branches to build their nest. Remove these materials from the lawn, so they don’t find twigs and straws to build a nest conveniently.


This article discusses everything you need to know about how to keep birds off your porch. Birds are an exceptional creation of God. But they can cause disturbance around your residence. Perhaps, to avoid such circumstances, you can keep birds away from your place through simple and easy home remedies. Using the practices mentioned above will show tremendous changes in no time. 

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