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Birds That Sound Like a Car Alarm

Birds that sound like a car alarm

Do you ever hear a bird outside and think, wow, that sounds like a car alarm? Well, you’re not alone! There are quite a few birds that sound like a car alarm.

Most common birds that sound like a car alarm include the Gray Catbird, Blue Jay, the American Crow, etc. Birds that sound like car alarms have high pitch and intensity.

Their voice is quite alarming that can wake you up instantly from a deep sleep. 

These birds scream out loud to warn their fellows from their predators. Apart from this, birds tend to mimic the sounds of different objects.

It is their favorite thing to do. Mimicry is an exciting way to confuse people in between. 

Even though the birds sound like a car alarm is quite annoying for many. But still, it is easy to find where the bird is at a long distance.

The bird screams out loud when it is in danger and needs help. Let’s now discuss essential facts and figures about birds that sound like car a alarm.


Birds That Sound Like a Car Alarm

Birds cannot express what they feel because, unlike humans, they do not have the option to convey it with speech. Perhaps, birds use symbolic language to express themselves.

Sweet melodious sounds depict the birds are happy, and scary sounds portray the warning situations. Sometimes the birds cleverly mimic the car alarms to trick predators. 

Now, that’s wise. There are thousands and millions of birds worldwide. Perhaps, not all of them sound like a car alarm.

1. Gray Catbird

Gray Catbird

The Grey Catbird is a medium-sized bird. It is Native to North America. Gray changes their mood from introvert to extrovert depending on the season.

The Gray catbird exists in the same family of mockingbirds and thrashers. This bird is quite different from other birds. They have unique cat-like calls.

The Gray Catbird can mimic sirens, car horns, and human speech patterns. Isn’t it amazing?

Their common trait is copying baby crying, laughter, car horns, ambulance sirens, etc. Thus we have included it in our list of birds that sound like a car alarm.

2. Northern Mockingbird

Northern Mockingbird -  birds that sound like a car alarm

According to research, Northern Mockingbirds are pretty intelligent and wise. The mimicking quality of the Mockingbird is their standard.

If you know even a little about the Mockingbird, you can quickly identify them from a distance.

They have high-intensity vocal cords. Perhaps, they signal the new bird member to enter the flock with this alarming sound. As well as warn their fellows of the imminent attacks.

These distinctive qualities make the Mockingbird different from the birds that sound like car alarms.

3. Blue Jay

Blue Jay

The Blue jays are North American birds. The jays are round, medium-sized, fluffy birds about the size of a crow, with a blue body and a white chest.

They are known for their intelligence and their ability to mimic the sounds of other animals. Blue jays are also known to be very aggressive, and they will often steal food from other animals.

Blue jays are found in forests, where they build their nests in trees. They are also commonly seen in parks and gardens.

Blue jays are not shy birds, and they will often approach people. They are interesting birds to watch, and they can be quite entertaining.

The bird can easily mimic car alarms and sounds of other animals and birds, for instance, horses, ducks, and many more. 

The bird only mimics when it is in danger to keep the predators away, any disputes, or call its mate into the flock.

Perhaps, this bird has a remarkable quality of singing melodiously. The bird may also conveniently mimic whatever sound or melody it comes across.

4. Steller’s Jay

Steller's Jay

Steller Jay or the noisy jay mostly mimics’ the car’s alarms or sirens. It is because their habitat is near highways.

This is the only reason through which they learn such sounds easily. The steller bird lives in the Western US and various parts of Canada.

Every layperson in this area knows Steller Jay is the bird that sounds like a car alarm. Steller mimics the ambulance siren masterly. Imitating loud sounds are just peanuts for the Steller Jaybird.

5. European Starling

European Starling

The European starlings have large voice cords, so they may conveniently mimic different loud and car sounds.

The Starling bird belongs to a large bird family. These birds are famous for their different abilities and qualities.

They mimic chirping, whistling, alarms, sirens, clicks, etc. Perhaps, the starling birds can change their frequencies from high to low due to large syrinx.  

The European Starling is one of the most famous birds that sound like a car alarm. The bird screams out loud when it is in danger and needs help.

6. Eurasian Jay

Eurasian Jay

The Eurasian Jay commonly lives in the deep forests of Eurasian. Furthermore, it belongs to the famous Jaybird family.

It is a beautiful medium-sized bird. The eyes of the bird are much more attractive than any other bird.

Apart from copying car alarms, Eurasian jay may emulate the sounds of drills, electrical machines, chainsaws, and much more.

Thus, the bird is capable of changing the intensities and pitch of the sound accordingly.

The Eurasian bird can make the alarm sound up to 3 to 4. Screaming, whistling, chattering, and making high-intensity sounds are the distinctive mimicking sounds of Eurasian Jay.

7. Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal may be a new bird to you. But the bird indeed has distinctive qualities and capabilities from other birds.

They make different warbling sounds that are undoubtedly distressing calls for many.

It is a medium-sized bird that is native to the Eastern United States. Moreover, the bird has a distinctive smiling facial feature. Cardinal tends to make a going sound to gain attention from their family and mates.

They may imitate the fire alarm, car, and smoke alarm. In an intense, dangerous situation, they recall the sound and tend to call for help.

8. Brown Thrasher

 birds that sound like a car alarm

The brown thrasher is a commonly known bird in the United States. It is a small-sized brown and white bird with multiple mimicking abilities.

Thrashers have large vocal boxes to change the voice intensity accordingly.

They love to sing different melodious melodies. Like all other birds, brown thrashers have their own different stylized song patterns.

Not only mimicking alarms, but the thrasher bird can also emulate the voices of dogs, cats, and other animals.

9. American Crow

 American Crow

Crows are the most prominent and common bird type found worldwide. But wait! What makes the American Crow disparate from the usual crow?

Well, the American crows are pretty wise and intelligent. They tend to recall what they have done in the past.

Surprisingly, the crows can recognize the person looking at them. Perhaps, the crows are excellent listeners and observers.

This ability enables them to remember all the sounds and voices they have been around.

Crows store them in their mind and then use them when required. Crows have a very high-pitched voice.

Hence, they mimic such alarming sounds to scare other animals or keep the vulture away from them.

So, keeping all of this in mind, we have put the American Crow on the list of birds that sound like a car alarm.

10. Marsh Warbler

Marsh Warbler

The small-sized marsh warbler is native to the Southern United States. It is a small-sized sparrow living in wet and soggy areas.

Interestingly, the Warbler is also included in the list of birds that sound like a car alarm.

But they are a little different from all other birds on this list. The Marsh’s habitat is near the water streams and lakes.

They tend to remember the sweet sound of rain droplets on leaves and insects buzzing near ponds.

According to research, scientists have suggested that this vocal quality is the Warbler’s way of surviving. Furthermore, It helps the Marsh cope with its habitat’s harsh and humid environment.

11. Common Grackle

 birds that sound like a car alarm

Grackles are Mexican birds in significant parts of the United States, Central America, and South America.

It is a beautiful shaded bird with a long tail. Mexican natives say that Grackles are quite sophisticated birds that can imitate different sounds.

They also tend to recall the voices they observe and then use them to communicate with other species. Grackles are pretty loud and high pitch birds.

Their favorite imitations are distress calls, chatters, alarm calls, and sirens if you are a bird lover and know how to communicate and understand their language.

Is It Normal For a Bird to Sound Like a Car Alarm When It Chirps?

Yes, it is normal if a bird sounds like a car alarm. Same as humans, birds also have various languages to communicate.

They are sensitive and intelligent species. Birds recall what they have observed and execute them according to the situation.

Final Words

We have discussed the 11 different types of birds that sound like a car alarm. All of these birds are found in the United States.

Some of them are native, while others have migrated from other countries. Birds are pretty sensitive creatures. They tend to imitate what they observe around them.

So, if you ever hear a bird that sounds like a car alarm, don’t get panic because it is quite normal.

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