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10 Birds that look like Bald Eagles

Birds that look like Bald Eagles

There’s no mistaking a bald eagle. With its white head and tail, this bird is unmistakable in the skies of North America. But did you know that there are other birds that look like bald eagles? Some of these birds are so close in appearance to bald eagles that it can be easy to mistake them. 

Different vultures, hawks, and falcons are identical to the bald eagles. For example, turkey and black vultures are the closest birds in appearance to bald eagles.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these birds and see how they compare to our favorite aerial predator.


10 Birds that look like Bald Eagles

Bald Eagles are some of the most majestic creatures in the bird world. They have a characteristic white head and tail feathers, which make them easily identifiable. Although there are other types of bald birds, Bald Eagles are by far the most common and well-known.

Interestingly, many people mistake other types of birds for Bald Eagles. Hawks, vultures, and crows are all common animals that resemble Bald Eagles in certain ways. So if you’re ever out in nature and see a large, white-headed bird soaring overhead, there’s a good chance it’s a Bald Eagle!

This section will talk about several birds that look like bald eagles.

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

This bird is also known as the buzzard. This bird is native to North America. Open fields, suburban areas, roadsides, etc., are some favorite places for a turkey vulture. The size of these birds is the key reason they look similar to a bald eagle. People often see them in the dead trees around their backyard.

A fascinating fact is that these birds have many other names. For example, they’re known as John Crow in some Caribbean regions. Turkey vultures have brown plumage like bald eagles. Turkey vultures have short, sharp-nailed legs. While flying, they resemble bald eagles.

Black Vulture

Black Vulture

These birds come with short legs, shaggy plumage, and sharp claws. It looks similar to a bald eagle. However, these birds are found in several regions, including the USA, Canada, and South America.

Note that there’re few other similarities between the black vulture and the bald eagle. For example, the beaks of the American Black Vulture are strongly hooked, just like the eagle.

They are similar to bald eagles but have hooked beaks like eagles. Black vultures mainly eat carrion or dead animal flesh. They also eat insects, reptiles, and small mammals. American black vultures are not endangered, but their populations have been declining in recent years.

One may wonder where these birds roam or nest. Well, these birds mainly love to fly above open areas. However, they’ll prefer trees in the wooden areas to nest and lay eggs.Overall, the black vulture is one of the few birds that look like bald eagle.

Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk is one of the raptors found in all of Canada, the USA, and Mexico. These birds are migratory and are usually protected under a treaty that includes Migratory Birds as consideration.

One fantastic thing about these raptors is that they love to nest and fly in all areas. People can spot them in the urban and rural areas, including deciduous forests. Also, the red-tailed Hawk is widely available in coniferous forests. If we talk about similarities, the red Hawk and bald eagle fall under the category of raptors. These birds might be a little challenging to follow when flying.

In addition, the two species share several characteristics, including hooked beaks and flat wings in flight. However, in contrast to the golden nib of the bald eagle, the red-tailed raptor has a yellow stripe on the beaks. So, they’re identical from afar.

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

The golden eagle is pretty similar to a bald eagle. The golden ones are native to the USA. People mainly find them in the Northern and Western parts of the USA. Unlike the other birds on our list, the Golden Eagle isn’t found in coniferous forests. They mainly prefer shrublands and deciduous forests in the USA. However, people also find them in the rivers and different water streams.

They are diurnal raptors, meaning they hunt during the day. Golden eagles are opportunistic predators and eat various prey items, including small mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. Golden eagles populations have declined in recent years due to habitat loss and human persecution.

Due to the sharp claws and hooked beaks, we can say that the golden eagle is similar to bald eagles. Also, in appearance, these two birds look similar while flying. Both birds have small heads.

Western Osprey

Western Osprey

The Western Osprey is a hawk, also known as the sea hawk. It is native to North America. These birds prefer to eat fish in the sea, streams, rivers, and ponds. They can easily catch fish with their vicious flight speed and accurate preying ability. In terms of category, the Osprey and bald eagle are both raptors.

The Western Osprey is different from other raptors because they are fishing experts. They can dive into the water to catch prey with their sharp talons. Another characteristic that separates them from other raptors is their brown coloring. This helps them camouflage with their surroundings when they are hunting for fish underwater.

While the Western Osprey is not as large as the bald eagle, they are still a powerful raptor. They have been known to take down prey that is twice their size. However, their appearance is similar, considering their white heads and strongly hooked beaks. Also, the extended wings of these birds are another reason for being identical to each other.

The white portion below the feathers of the western Osprey is a differentiating feature. Apart from that, the bald eagle and the Osprey look the same.

Northern Goshawk

Northern Goshawk

The Northern Goshawk is widely available in the Northern and Western parts of the USA. However, these birds have diverse locations and are also found in some parts of Canada and Europe.

Some of the most famous mountain ranges on earth are home to this bird species: the Rocky Mountains. They enjoy coniferous and deciduous forests, as well as secluded regions. They are small, slender birds of prey with slate grey heads. Both of these characteristics combine to give them a distinctive appearance. Their white eyebrows and round tangerine to red eyes give them a unique look.

Both of these birds are found in the northern United States. Their beaks are sharply curved, which is the most striking similarity. Thus, it is one of the list of birds that look like bald eagles.

Northern Harrier

Northern Harrier

They’re known as the Northern Harrier because they’re found in the northern parts of the USA and Canada. However, these birds breed in Mexico as well. Overall, they’re a diverse bird because of their availability in several locations.

These birds usually prefer grasslands, crops, and other open areas of the United States. If we notice the beaks, they are sharp and hooked. This is a key similarity between them.

Also, the legs are short, just like the bald eagles, along with the sharp claws and flight style. When these birds reach high in the sky, their wings stay flat. Overall, these are why a Northern Harrier is similar to a bald eagle.

Andean Condor

Andean Condor

These birds are found in the Andes Mountains. For that reason, they’re known as the Andean Condor. However, apart from that, the Andean Condor also has their habitat in the Santa Marta Mountains.

The head of these Condors is almost featherless and looks like a bald eagle. However, the color of the head is red, which is different from a bald eagle. 

A bald eagle-sized Andean condor can also be seen in the Andes. The beaks of both of these raptors are short and severely hooked. On the other hand, the claws of bald eagles are more extensive.

As a result, Andean condors can quickly grasp prey with their tiny legs and sharply-nailed feet. Thus, it is one of the birds that look like bald eagles.

Prairie Falcon

Prairie Falcon

Among the large bards, the prairie falcons are medium-sized. People consider them similar to bald eagles due to their habitat. These birds prefer alpine meadows, open areas, and croplands for nesting.

These falcons have short and hooked beaks. As for the head part, the prairie falcon has feathers on it. So, this is a noticeable feature of these birds. These falcons have yellow-colored legs, similar to a bald eagle.

Black Kite

Black Kite - Bird that look like Bald Eagles

Black kites are generally black but have yellow and short legs. Their claws and sharply hooked beaks are also identical to a bald eagle.

Overall, they’re similar in more than one way. These birds are widely available in Europe, Africa, Asia, etc. They love tropical climates. The black kite is a little bit smaller than the bald eagle. When in flight, their wings appear rounded.

Final Words about Birds that look like Bald Eagles

In conclusion, we can say that are several birds that look like bald eagles. Some of them have already been mentioned above. So, these were the most significant similarities between the bald eagle and other bird species. We hope that you found this article helpful.

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