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13 Yellow Birds with Black on Wing

Yellow Birds with Black on Wing

Have you ever yellow birds with black on their wings? It’s a beautiful sight. These birds are called American goldfinches, and they are among the most common birds in North America.

Goldfinches can be found in every state, and they typically live in open areas like fields, parks, and gardens. But this is not just it. We have a list of 13 yellow birds with black wings.


13 Examples Of Yellow Birds With Black On Their Wings

Whether you’re watching them flit from branch to branch in your backyard or hearing their cheerful songs in the morning, these little birds always seem to bring a touch of summertime wherever they go. But did you know that there are many different types of yellow birds with black on their wings? From the vibrant Goldfinch to the more tanagers, these cheerful birds come in all shapes and sizes. 

And while they may all look similar at first glance, each type of yellow bird has its unique markings and behavior. You might just be surprised at all the variety that’s out there! We’ll start the discussion with the American Goldfinch bird, a great bird with black wings.

1. American Goldfish

American Goldfish

These birds have one of the stronger yellow shades on their body. Also, they boast while flying with their impressively long black wings. People living in the USA can often see them in the backyard. While some yellow birds live in forests and woodlands, the American Goldfinch prefers our backyard.

The American Goldfinch also loves to live in the woodlands and suburban areas. They love to eat seeds from trees and their branches. They’re an incredible bird that loves to fly in larger groups.

2. Golden-crowned Kinglet

Golden-crowned Kinglet

A North American native bird, known as the golden-crowned kinglet, is an excellent small songbird. These birds have a structure and shape, just like a sparrow. But, the color variety of these birds differentiates them from the other birds.

For example, the yellow-orange crest on their head is impressive to watch. These birds mainly feed on insects. Among the insects and bugs, crickets, grasshoppers, beetles, spiders, etc., are notable. However, the Golden-crowned kinglet will not mind having seeds from trees during the winter.

3. Western Tanager

Western Tanager

The habitat of the Western Tanager is mainly in Central and Northern America. From the throat to the chest, the color of this bird is yellow. Also, the black feathers and wings make this bird one of the best yellow birds with black on their wings.

The head has a color of tangerine orange. So, the three types of color in the body make this bird appear fantastic. Not to mention that the singing and chirping are appealing to bird lovers.

Note that the female version of the Western Tanager grows to be greenish than yellow. However, there’re yellow splashes throughout the body in a minimal range.

4. Scott’s Oriole

The Scott’s Oriole is different from the previous birds we talked previously. These birds prefer to live the desert zones. And they build the nests with the leaves of Yucca plants. Food habit includes insects, bugs, and nectars. They look for food in the ground and inside flowers (nectar). However, they also prefer butterflies as a food source during the winter.

These birds have blackheads and wings along with a significant yellow body part. So, they’re pretty colorful birds and adorable to watch. But, they’re hard to spot due to their habitat in the USA and Mexico desert zones.

5. Lesser Goldfinch

Lesser Goldfinch

Even though it isn’t as eye-catching as the American Goldfinch, this species still has a lemon yellow body. Also, the Goldfinch has a pair of black wings with patches. Generally, males ready to breed are more colorful than females and immature males. It’s because their wings are usually lighter in color than their bodies.

This bird is compassionate and often feeds from bird feeders in most United States. It also has a lot of land in Mexico and the north of South America.

6. Orchard Oriole

yellow birds with black wings

A female Orchard Oriole has a yellow body color and black wings. However, the color changes in the case of the male ones. They’ve got an orange hue throughout their body.

However, the blackhead is expected in the case of both females and males. The food habit of the Orchard Oriole is diverse. Their food intake of insects, beetles, bugs, spiders, and nectars from flower pollens is due to their food intake.

Overall, the bird (male and female) has various body colors. When they fly together, it becomes scenery to enjoy. Next, we’ll talk about the Evening Grosbeak.

7. Evening Grosbeak

Evening Grosbeak

This bird has the perfect combination of yellow bodies and black wings. In addition, these birds love to eat sunflower seeds. So to see this bird, put sunflower seeds around your yard, and you’ll be amazed.

The evening grosbeak is in danger of extinction due to population decline. These birds usually love to live in forests at higher altitudes.

Note that females and young males have greyer bodies that sometimes have yellow patches. They also have wings with black and white spots.

8. Eurasian Golden Oriole

Eurasian Golden Oriole
Photo by: Michel Idre

The Eurasian Golden Oriole is one of the most beautiful yellow birds with black on their wings. They’ve got black wings and a pink bill with a yellow and orange hue on their body. So, these birds appear beautifully with four different colors on their body.

Even though they have a unique color, it can be hard to find them. It’s because these birds are shy and have faster-flying speeds. Not to mention that they live in woodlands, so it’s difficult to spot them.

These birds are distributed in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The food intake of these birds consists of insects, fruits, and nectar. Even though most of these birds are hard to spot due to their shy nature or living habits, this species is often found in woodlands, orchards, and parks, where there are a lot of deciduous trees and a lot of fruit

9. Yellow-rumped Flycatcher

These birds are widely available in Korea, Siberia, and different parts of China. Along with a yellow under part, the upper part is black along with the wings. However, the wings have a patch of white color.

Note that these birds are also known as the Korean Flycatcher. Also, they’ll be seen in Srilanka and India during the migration season. 

This bird’s food habit is catching flying insects and small invertebrates. To do so, they spend a lot of time in the air. However, during the nesting season, they’ll be on trees most of the time to protect their eggs and chicks.

10. Eastern Meadowlark

Eastern Meadowlark

This bird is bulky in shape and has a short-sized tail. However, with the yellow body and black wings, many loved them due to their singing nature. The sharp bill and the tail help differentiate the bird from other birds around them. However, the size of these birds is small, with a length between 7 to 10 inches. They also weigh less compared to other songbirds.

Like most birds, the Eastern Meadowlark loves feeding on insects, bugs, etc., from the ground. Also, they prefer wild fruits when necessary.

11. Hooded Warbler

Hooded Warbler yellow birds with black wings

With yellow eyebrows and throat, this bird is one of the appealing yellow birds with black on their wings. However, the wings aren’t blain black. Instead, these birds have patches of black and white colors on the wings.

The Hooded Warbler is found in different parts of Central and North America. In addition, they love to live in open areas with many trees and insects. Also, the Hooded Warbler has a length between 5 to 6 inches. And they weigh about 10 grams on average.

However, one striking fact is that the Hooded Warbler nests in the ground. Well, they nest in the holes of the land.

12. Baya Weaver

 Yellow Birds With Black On Their Wings

This yellow bird with black wings comes with a crown on the head. The dark throat and sharp bill are the notable features of the Baya Weaver. These birds mostly eat seeds and bugs as their primary food source.

However, they love seeds from any source. Hence, they’ll eat seeds from grass, rice, sunflowers, and many others. Note that the female version of this bird is brown. So, they appear to be different from the male ones.

13. Common Yellowthroat

Common Yellowthroat

The common yellowthroat birds come from the family Parulidae. Note that these birds’ heads have a mixture of white and black colors. However, the black hue extends from the eye to the cheeks.

These birds prefer to eat from the ground. Their favorite food is bugs, insects, and seeds. However, they don’t mind eating fruits or part of fruits from trees. Overall, the food habit is diverse. Note that these birds prefer to nest in shrub-like structures.

Final Words

These are some of the beautiful yellow birds with black on their wings. Even though most of them are hard to spot due to their shy nature or living habits, they’re still one of the favorites among bird-lovers. Do you know any other yellow birds with black on their wings? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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As promised, we’ll answer some of the questions on yellow birds with black wings. We will answer two to three questions in the following sections.

What does it mean if you see a yellow bird?

Spiritually, yellow birds mean joy, happiness, and positivity in life.
Overall, various meanings can be associated with seeing a yellow bird.

Are the Yellow Warbler and Goldfinch the same?

No, they are different from each other. These birds may look similar, but they’re not entirely the same.
Goldfinch has a brighter yellow patch than the yellow warbler.

Why are Birds Yellow?

One of the reasons for birds having yellow color is the carotenoids. This material is produced from plants.

So, if a bird eats plants eating carotenoids, it may turn yellow.

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