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9 Birds that steal nests and shiny things (With Pictures)

Birds that steal nests and shiny things

Birds are some of the most amazing creatures on Earth. They can fly, they can sing, and they are so graceful in the air. But did you know that some birds can also be quite mischievous? There are a few birds that steal nests and shiny things from other birds or who will take shiny things from people’s yards. 

While this behavior may not be desirable, it is interesting to learn about these birds and their antics. If you’re a birder or simply someone who loves birds, you’ll want to read on to learn more about these thieving birds!

Different types of crows, magpies, and owls love shiny things. Also, predatory birds love to steal nests with eggs or young chicks. However, keep reading to learn in detail.


There are birds that steal nests and shiny things?

Yes, there are some birds that steal nests and shiny things. For example, blue jay, magpies, crows, etc., are attracted to nests. Also, experts believe that magpies have a vast history of stealing shiny things now and then.

Birds like Mynah, Jackdaw and other birds from the starling and Corvid family are attracted to nests and things with a glowing texture. Overall, the number of birds loving nests and shiny things is vast.

Predator birds will always seek an opportunity to steal young chicks, eggs, and more. So, they’re always looking to steal nests of small birds. That’s why mother birds stay at the nest, protecting eggs most of the time.

Birds that steal Nests and Shiny Things

If you’re a birder, you know the thrill of finding a nest full of eggs or spotting a brilliantly colored bird. But did you know that some birds are notorious nest thieves? And others are attracted to shiny things like coins or jewelry? 

This section will give you information about nine different birds that steal nests and shiny things. We’ll talk about blue jay, Jackdaw, mynah, etc. The birds we’ll talk about are widely known as the birds that love shiny things.

Although all the birds aren’t predators, birds like Jackdaw and blue jay are attracted to jewelry or glowing materials. Here’s a look at some of the birds known for their thievery and mischief.

1. Blue Jay

Blue-Jay - Birds that steal nests and shiny things
Image by: Pixbay

The blue jay is a bird that’s attracted to shiny things. It has white or black feathers and blue wings. They poke at things that reflect light. So, for example, they’re often seen poking aluminum can with their bill.

However, they do this to find something edible. These birds think that they’ll find food if something is glowing. Many see this act as threatening, but the Blue Jaybirds are friendly.

These birds live in North America mainly and love trees in the open fields or areas. They’ll love anything bright. Thus, they steal shiny things sometimes.

2. Black Crow

Black Crow
Image by: Pixbay

The black crow, or the American crow, native to North America, is another one of the list birds that steal nests and shiny things. These birds are known to steal coins or aluminum cans.

These birds get attracted to shiny things because they want to find food. They think they can find something edible in an aluminum can when it reflects sunlight. Also, crows are generally known to steal other birds’ nests and eggs. However, if you’re irritated by these birds, try placing a scarecrow in your backyard.

3. Magpie

Image by: Pixbay

There are different types of a magpie. However, these birds love both nests and shiny things. Things that glow induce these birds to think they’ll find food in them. The appearance of magpies is pretty distinctive. They’ve got a white and black mixture of color. However, the feather can have colors ranging in hue from Green and Blue.

Magpies often love to steal jewelry and won’t mind confronting humans for it. However, experts say that magpies get scared of shiny things and try to fight them when they see one.

4. Mynah

Image by: Pixbay

Mynah is a bird that’s found all over the world. However, these birds are seen in Australia and Asia. Research says these birds came from Africa and South America over a hundred years back.

Although they love eating small insects, grasshoppers, etc., they won’t mind stealing the nests of other birds. Also, these birds are highly attracted by shiny things and probably pock or steal anything that glows.

Many like the Mynah bird. So, if you’re one of them, you can place some shiny object in your backyard, and you’ll see these birds hovering around.

5. Jackdaw (Western)

Jackdaw (We
Image by: Pixbay

The Western Jackdaw eats a variety of foods. As a result, we can find these birds on various continents, including Asia, Africa, and Europe. The Jackdaw is frequently observed around city dumpsters, streets, and gardens as a scavenger of human waste.

They’ve also been observed imitating other birds like crows and magpies. Finally, note that the Jackdaw has long been associated with thievery. They love to steal the nest of both big and small birds. Also, they’re more attracted to shiny materials than other birds.

6. Satin Bowerbird

Birds that steal nests and shiny things
Image by: Pixbay

It’s a beautiful bird with many tips and tricks in it. For example, these birds can make treasure and valuables from wastage. They’ll pick up plastic wrappers and aluminum foils to build their nest.

They’ll take sticks to build a nest and give a shiny furnishing with different glowing wrappers. This characteristic of the bird makes them steal shiny objects. However, these birds are adorable to see.

The bright blue color of the bird is impressive, and they’re native to Eastern Australia. If you live in Australia, try building a shiny nest, and you can expect these birds in your backyard.

7. Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle
Image by: Pixbay

It is one of the big birds that steal nests and shiny things. Note that these birds will build their nest in pine trees mostly. Their nest consists of clothespins, shiny wrappers, etc. Also, light bulbs and golf balls are two items these birds use to build their nest.

So, when they see a bulb or balls with shiny color, they’ll attempt to steal them. That’s why we put bald eagles on the list of birds that nest and shiny things.

Due to their predatory nature, they’re also prone to stealing bird nests with chicks and eggs. Overall, bald eagles are one of the most dangerous birds among the ones that steal nests and shiny things.

8. Owl

Image by: Pixbay

If we talk about owls, they’re much more attracted or alert to shiny objects. It’s worth noting that owls are nocturnal. So, they get attracted whenever these birds see a flash of light in the dark. As a result, they won’t find following the source of light. 

If the owls find food at the light source, these birds might even steal a thing or two. Note that owls don’t usually steal nests of other birds. But, burrowing and horned owls are well known for stealing nests for eggs.

9. Black Kites

Birds that steal nests and shiny things
Image by: Pixbay

The black kites often act as scavengers and can be aggressive when hunting for food. These birds will attack the nest of other birds without any worries if they’re hungry. 

The target of the black kites is to gain young chicks and eggs. However, experts say that these birds aren’t attracted to shiny objects. But, if black kites feel there’s food at the source of anything shiny, they might be induced by that shiny object.

Are Birds Attracted To Shiny Things?

Yes, many birds are attracted to shiny things. We’ve talked about nine different birds that steal nests and shiny things. But, it all depends on the situation as birds won’t always go for a shiny object. But, some birds like bowerbird love shiny things like aluminum foil or wrappers. It’s because they love to wrap their nest with glowing objects.

However, other birds are interested in looking for food if they find anything that shines. So, quite a few birds love shiny things depending on the situation.

Do Magpies Like Shiny Things?

Yes, but magpies have the slightest attraction towards shiny things. They’ll only steal shiny stuff if they feel it’s necessary.Birds like owls and kites are highly attracted to glowing objects. So, they go towards such things whenever they see one. But magpies will only go for a shiny thing if they think it’s a food source.

Do Crows Like Shiny Things?

Yes, crows like shiny things. It includes coins, keys, and metals. They’re often seen to poke such things when they see one. However, they’re the most mischievous as they will pick such things. If they find a coin or similar shiny object, you can expect them to steal those things. Experts say that crows risk choking themselves up for this behavior.

Final Words

Yes, many birds are attracted to shiny things. These birds will use those objects to make their nests simply because they like the reflection. But, some birds are only interested in shiny things if they think it’s a food source. 

So, it all depends on the bird as some species love shiny objects while others don’t give much importance to such things. As we wrap up, we hope you enjoyed reading this article on birds that steal nests and shiny things.

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