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Where do fireflies go during the day? Answered!

Where do fireflies go during the day

Do you love catching a glimpse of those adorable fireflies on a warm summer night? You’re not alone! Believe it or not, these little light-up bugs have been enchanting people for centuries. But what happens to them during the day? Where do fireflies go during the day? Do they sleep in a log somewhere? Or do they fly off to some other magical land? 

It’s a mystery that has puzzled many people for years. Some people think they may fly away and never return, but others believe they might hide in trees or burrow underground. Whatever the answer may be, it’s an interesting question to ponder!

The lifestyle of these flies during the day and night will be discussed exclusively in the following sections.


Where do Fireflies go and live during the day?

We already know we can find them in the deep and long grasses during the day. However, dense shrubs and bushes are also favorites to fireflies. The thing is that these creatures love to hide during the day.

Staying up at night makes them prefer darker places. Also, they love it when they fly with glowing color and signal to mate. But, where do we find tall and long grasses?

Lightning bugs prefer long grass, which can be found in fields and gardens. They’ll hang around on the ground during the day when they’re not as active. During the day, tall grass provides protection.
However, as the sun sets, these creatures will come out and place themselves on the top of the grasses. It helps them to work with signals and hunt for food. Note that the mating time of the fireflies is at night.

Are Fireflies Nocturnal?

Yes, fireflies are nocturnal. These flies come from the Lampyridae family and are one of the few nocturnal family members. First, however, we might wonder what these creatures do during the day.

Now, let’s talk about how these flies stay active at night and find food. Well, due to their lightning bodies, they attract other small insects. That way, they can find the food they want. Also, as their body glows, it helps them mate and regenerate their number in the animal world. It’s fantastic that fireflies will shine brighter to signal to mate. When the opposite gender sees one glowing radiant, it means the mating time.

Fireflies only have two to three months of lifespan. But, they’re not endangered species. It’s because we can find over 2000 species of fireflies worldwide. So, as they mate often, we can almost always find them in abundance.

What time are Fireflies most active?

Where do fireflies go during the day

As we all know, fireflies are primarily active during the night. They rest during the day. But, it’s rare to see them roaming at that time. These creatures don’t stay busy all night long. Some fireflies remain active from the evening to midnight. 

However, others stay busy mating and hunting for food from midnight to 3 a.m. Note that they go to the ground with grass around them just as soon as the sun hits. Fireflies will hide in the bushes, shrubs, or long grasses with lightning and activeness. 

So if we need to find them during the day, we have to look for them on the ground. Also, we can find them in between the grasses.

Why do Fireflies come out at Night?

There are 2000 types of fireflies, and all of them come out at night. However, they are seen during the night for a couple of reasons. The first is that they attract each other to mate with the help of light. As we’ve already said, they light up during the night and signal their partners to mate. Another reason fireflies are seen at night is to hunt for food. With the help of light, they can find their preferred food.

They love to eat small worms, snails, and many similar creatures. The light of these bugs is attractive, and sometimes they attract other bugs towards them. Overall, mating and hunting food are two key reasons fireflies come out at night. However, a chemical compound known as luciferin is present in the abdomen of fireflies. When this compound comes in contact with air, fireflies emit light. But, note that we can’t see the light during the day.

If we need to find fireflies during the day, we must look between the tall grasses and the ground. They’re seen in shrubs and bushes during the daytime. Note that, at night, we can find them from midnight to around 3 a.m.

Do Lightning Bugs come out during the day?


We already know that lightning bugs like fireflies don’t come out during the day. However, we can find them if we want. But that would take a lot of effort. Fireflies hide between the long and tall grass during the day.

So, unless you’re on your bended knees searching for them, you’re unlikely to find them. But, even if you don’t see fireflies after the sun rises, they lurk amid the green grass. 

But, what are some key reasons we don’t find lightning bugs in the day? Well, they don’t require heating in the daytime. However, at night, they need to mate and lay eggs. So, they stay busy as nocturnal creatures. They’ve got a short span of life.

After mating, the adult fireflies don’t live for long. So, you may find a shortage of fireflies both day and night time at some point.

What Eats Lightning Bugs?

Lightning bugs’ body glows. It helps them mate and regenerate their number in the animal world. It’s fantastic that fireflies will shine brighter when they feel threatened. When that happens, their light scares the attacker and protects them from danger.

As we’ve already said, lightning bugs don’t come out during the day. They use daylight to hide from potential predators. But, at night, these predators hunt for food. The most common predator of fireflies is frogs. Apart from that, bats, spiders, birds, and many other animals eat these insects. Even some species of fish love to eat fireflies.

It would be best if you kept your kids from eating fireflies as they can be dangerous. Some people say that it’s okay to eat lightning bugs if you roast them. But, we don’t recommend that because it can be poisonous.

When Do Lightning Bugs Die?

Lightning bugs or fireflies don’t live for an extended period. After they mate, their lifespan shortens, and they die quickly. Usually, the male lightning bugs die first after mating. They pass away within two weeks of reproducing.

On the other hand, female fireflies can live a little longer than males. After laying eggs, they die in about four to six weeks. So overall, we can say that the lifespan of fireflies is pretty short.

But, note that not all fireflies have a short lifespan. Some species of fireflies can live up to eight months.

Do Lightning Bugs live in the ground?

Yes, during the day, lightning bugs are seen on the ground. However, it’s worth noting that these bugs won’t dig in the background. Instead, they’ll find ground with long and dense grass or shrubs. It’s so that they can hide and seek shelter ideally.

But, fireflies and other similar bugs will look for moist soils. They love to lay eggs in soils that are not completely dry. But, on the dry grounds, the eggs will get spoilt. So, these flies will look for moist soils and hide their eggs under the grass.

Apart from the night, the fireflies and lightning bugs will spend a significant time on the ground. They only come out of the shrubs and bushes once the sunsets. As mentioned, fireflies prefer dark places to hunt food and mate.

When do Lightning Bugs go away?


Lightning bugs like fireflies are primarily active from May to August. However, four to seven weeks from mid-May is the most common time for these flies. They love moist weather with a mixture of the hot and rainy seasons.

May to August is the perfect time for them. However, by September, these flies go away from their usual habitat. In the U.S.A, we can also find lightning bugs from October to November. It all depends on the weather and climate conditions.

One can eat another among the thousands of fireflies. Some species might stay in their habitat from May to August. But, other species will live far away from their usual home during that time.

Fireflies go away depending on the season, weather, predator risks, etc. But, in general, these flies will stay from May to September. So it’s unlikely to see them in abundance during September.

Final Words

Lightning bugs are fascinating creatures. They’re beautiful to look at and fun to watch. It’s essential to remember that these bugs aren’t flies. Instead, they belong to the beetle family.

Also, we need to protect them as they’re an essential part of our ecosystem. 

Not to mention, their unique light show is quite a spectacular event on summer nights. So let’s educate others about these creatures and help them understand why we must save fireflies. We hope that this article answered your question of where do fireflies go during the day.

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  1. I really enjoy the light shows the fireflies put on around my back yard in the evenings. However I just mowed my lawn yesterday because it was getting way too long, and all the fireflies that had been in the trees around my house disappeared. Will they come back again? What can I plant around my back yard to attract and keep them when I have to mow my lawn?

    1. Hello, If you cut too much, it’s possible that they won’t come anytime soon…., as their habitat has been destroyed. But maybe they’ll come back in a while.

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