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When to put out Hummingbird feeders? (in each State)

When to put out Hummingbird feeders

We all know about bird feeders. So, we might wonder when to put out hummingbird feeders in different states of the USA. Today, we plan to share the best time to put out these feeders for several cities.

Due to the weather variance in different places, the best time to place hummingbird feeders will vary accordingly. In our article, we’ll share the time to install feeders for more than 50 states in the USA.

Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Indiana, etc., are some places we’ll discuss today. At first, we’ll share some key facts about hummingbirds in the following few sections before diving into details.


When do Hummingbirds come back?

When to put out Hummingbird feeders?

So, we’ll talk about the migration time of these birds. Thousands of migrant birds are expected to arrive in North America as the weather warms.

Hummingbirds are one of the most popular avian birds that migrate to different states of the USA during the warm weather.

Now, these birds start coming to parts of the USA in March. The migration continues up to April and May. So, by spring, the Hummingbirds start returning to the USA, and the migration stops during the summer.

We know about the time when hummingbirds come back. So, when do we put the feeders out?

What is the best time to put out hummingbird feeders?

The spring season is the best time to put out hummingbird feeders. This is because these birds migrate to a relatively warmer time after the winter.

So, they start to come during the spring. So, when it is spring, put out the feeders, and the birds will be attracted. However, to keep the birds in our backyards for longer, hang those bird feeders until summer.

Note that the hummingbirds will eventually move out during the winter season.

When to put out Hummingbird feeders?

Hummingbird feeders

This section will discuss the best time to put hummingbird feeders in more than fifty states. From Alabama to Wyoming, you’ll learn about each state and the timing to install bird feeders.

The basic thing we all should know about the migratory birds is that they often come into our backyards during the spring. At that time, the flowers bloom, and the birds return for the nectar.

However, let’s start our discussion with the Alabama state.


There are over 300 hummingbird species when species variation is taken into account. Alabama is home to the common rufous and ruby-throated hummingbirds, among others.

However, these birds arrive in March, during the spring season in Alabama. They continue to come in large groups until April and stay until October. Therefore, the best time to install hummingbird feeders in Alabama is from March to April.


Hummingbirds visit Alaska in March and April, much like in Alabama. However, as the temperature in Alaska drops between July and August, these birds leave pretty early.

However, the Rufous hummingbird is the most frequent in Alaska. These birds adore Alaska’s natural beauty and environment and travel up to 2000 miles or more to visit throughout March.

So, for the state of Alaska, the best time to install hummingbird feeders is in March.


The hummingbirds visit and stay in Alabama and Alaska for a specific period. However, these birds stay all year in Arizona, and the best time to put the feeders is in February.

While these birds will be seen annually in Arizona, they’re found in abundance starting from February. However, the birds are found early in March due to the compatible weather and perfect spring weather.

So, start installing the hummingbird feeders in February, and you can see many of these birds in your backyard.


In Arkansas, hummingbirds come during the last part of March. However, these birds come in huge numbers from the start of April. The migration continues up to the last part of the month.

So, installing the bird feeder in the middle of March is preferable. However, this timing might be a bit early as these birds come late in March. 

So, if we can place the bird feeders after 20th March, we can expect a lot of hummingbirds at our place.


The best time to put hummingbird feeders in California is spring to fall. However, these birds can be found all year long in the state. So, it’ll be best if we keep the feeders in our backyard for the whole year.

As these birds come and go between February and October, we can install the feeders starting from February. If we need to put down the feeders, we can do so after the end of October.


From April to September, the availability of hummingbirds in Colorado is high. So, April is the best time to put out hummingbird feeders in Colorado. However, installing the feeders at the end of March is better for the best results.

As the warmer climate ends, the birds tend to migrate from Colorado. So, starting from August, these birds will leave the state. And this migration takes place until the end of September.


In this state, the Ruby-throated hummingbirds are the most common. These birds come in Early May and stay in the state until October. So, installing the bird feeders from 1st May will be the best option.

At the time of leaving, the male birds leave first. After one to two weeks, the female birds also leave the state. These birds are also seen leaving Colorado in the middle of September.


The time for the hummingbirds to visit Delaware starts from March and continues up to May. However, as time passes, these birds get ready to leave the state from the end of August to the middle of September.

Note that only a few hummingbirds visit Delaware during March. So, if you want, you can put the bird feeder from 1st April when these birds come in huge numbers.


In Florida State, the hummingbirds visit pretty early, starting from mid-February. So, the best time to put out the bird feeders in Florida in February. You can install hummingbird feeders in the second half of January for the best results.

After staying for five to six months, the birds leave in the Mexico and Central America zones to the south. They leave the state starting from September, which continues up to October.


Early February is the best time to put out hummingbird feeders in Georgia to attract migrating hummingbirds. During the whole of February up to the first week of March, these birds begin to arrive in Georgia.

Some Georgia hummingbird fans leave hummingbird feeders up all winter to offer life-saving nectar to Georgia’s only year-round inhabitant, the Ruby-throated hummingbird. 

In addition, other migrating species unable to travel due to injury or old age can benefit from the nectar.


There’re not any hummingbirds found in Hawaii. For birdwatchers, Hawaii is a dream come true. However, if you’re hunting for hummingbirds, you’ll quickly learn that there aren’t any of these birds.

Hawaii is pretty isolated and formed as a group of volcanic islands. It’s part of a sub-region of Oceania.

Because of the region’s isolation, species find it difficult to migrate from the mainland to these islands. For example, hummingbirds have just been unable to make the journey.


If you’re looking for hummingbirds in Idaho, try installing the bird feeders from 1st April. These birds come into the state in the last weeks of April. So, the best time to put out those feeders is in April.

However, it’s important to note that the birds will continue visiting the state until May. And they’ll leave the state starting from September to October. So, the best thing to do is hang the feeder from April to October.


In Illinois, the male birds are usually the first to be seen. This is because they depart their nesting grounds for breeding territories earlier than females.

It might seem a little early to install hummingbird feeders around the 15th of April. First, however, you must ensure that you are prepared for the initial arrivals.

Remember that these birds have just flown in from Central America or southern Mexico and will be hungry and exhausted.

Furthermore, there aren’t many blossoms or bugs buzzing around for them to consume and restore their energy levels. So, April is the best time to put out the feeders.


The migration of the hummingbirds in Indiana State occurs late. These birds start to come to the State when it’s almost the end of April. However, the primary migration begins at the start of May.

So, it’s better to install the bird feeders on the 1st of May for best results. Note that these birds leave early in July. Therefore, it’s best to keep the feeders in our backyard from May to August.


In Iowa, the hummingbirds come starting in April, which ends in May. So, during May, we’ll see many of these birds in the area. So, it’s better to put out the bird feeders from the end of April.

These birds stay late in the state until September, and most of the birds are gone by October. So, keep the feeders on from April to September for better results.


Males in their forties and fifties are the first to migrate north, appearing in Kansas in early to mid-April. Their numbers are at their highest in June and July when they are breeding and brooding. 

After nesting and just before fall migration, the birds are most busy at feeders in late summer.

Mature males are the first to leave Kansas, leaving in mid-July. In August and September, females follow them.


Hummingbirds are a clear indication of spring and the upcoming summer in Kentucky. Males arrive in Kentucky in mid-March to mark out their feeding territories, followed by females two weeks later.

In Kentucky, the hummingbird migration begins in late July. Male ruby-throats depart first, followed by females two weeks later. However, many stay longer to gain weight before embarking on their long trip to Mexico and Central America.


Starting from late February to late April, the visit of hummingbirds in Louisiana states in common. So, we should begin installing bird feeders from the middle of February to get these birds in our backyards.

However, these birds will start to leave the state beginning in July, most of which will be gone by the end of August. So, February to August is the best time to keep the bird feeders out.


While the birds will be visible throughout much of the United States in March and April, people in the northeast will have to wait a little longer.

The first visitors of these birds are expected to arrive in the first week of May. This initial group, primarily males, will come and establish their feeding sites.

According to bird experts, females follow soon after and must leave by the end of September. It means you’ll be able to see these lovely birds for the entire summer.

So, install the feeders at the start of May in Maine to have these birds in your backyard. 


Hummingbirds from Central America spend the winter before returning to the eastern part of the United States in the spring.

Some birds will continue to breed as far north as Canada. Ruby-throated hummingbirds come to Maryland in early April and begin nesting soon after.

So, early April is the best time to put out the hummingbird feeders in Maryland.


The ruby-throated hummingbirds are common in most of the states of the USA. In Massachusetts, these birds arrive in early May and stay there for up to five to six months.

By September, these birds are expected to be gone completely. So, if we consider their migration season, the best time to install the bird feeders in early May.


In Michigan, hummingbirds come around mid-April on average. Their arrival date, unfortunately, is not entirely predictable.

It’s because hummingbirds must adjust to their changing environment and conditions yearly. So a hummingbird that wintered in Panama may appear at varying times than one that wintered in Southern Mexico.

Hummingbird feeders should be installed at the beginning of April if you want these birds in your backyard in Michigan.


Several hummingbird species are found in Mississippi. Among them, the Rufous and the Ruby-throated species are the most common. It’s fascinating that these birds stay longer in the state compared to the others.

The birds will arrive in Mississippi when it’s early March and will continue to stay until November. On average, they’ll stay in the state for eight months. Then, in early November, they’ll start to depart for Mexico and Central America.


The hummingbirds usually come to Missouri to lay their eggs in early and mid-April. But, the timing varies year to year depending on the weather.

In Missouri, the migration of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds increases during May and early to mid-September.

So, considering the migration period of these birds in Missouri, we should install the feeders in early April.


Males usually arrive in late April or early May. Females typically arrive a few weeks after the males. In early to late June, the males return to their wintering sites, and by the end of July, they are usually gone.

In July, the females and their young usually travel south. These birds start leaving from Montana in August. However, by September, most of the hummingbirds are expected to depart. 

So, April to May is the perfect time to put on hummingbird feeders in Montana.


Two migration times happen in Nebraska for the hummingbirds. The first migration of the year is during the spring, from February to March. At that time, you can put on the feeders.

However, they leave by July and return for the second migration in September. So, you can expect these birds to stay for a brief time over the year in Nebraska.

If we consider two months for installing the feeders, then February and September will be perfect.


Several hummingbird species visit Nevada during the spring season. Most hummingbirds visiting Nevada are summer visitors who arrive around mid-March. However, they depart for their wintering grounds by mid-September.

It’s fantastic that two hummingbird species stay in Nevada all year long. These two are Anna’s and Costa’s hummingbirds. Overall, the bird lovers of Nevada can always expect the visual of these birds.

New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, the first northern migrating hummingbirds usually arrive on 1st May. However, by mid-October, the south-moving hummingbirds have flown out of New Hampshire.

Some Ruby-throated Hummingbirds spend the entire year in New Hampshire, which is fantastic for bird lovers in the state. So, the residents of New Hampshire should put out the bird feeders in early May.

New Jersey

The migration of hummingbirds in New Jersey starts in mid-April. However, the arrival continues up to May. So, the best time put out the feeders in New Jersey is early April.

If we put the feeders in our backyard early, the arrival of these birds can be massive in numbers. They’ll depart by September and October to visit Mexico and parts of Central America.

New Mexico

Many hummingbird species are found in New Mexico when it’s spring.

In late February, the birds start coming to the state and continue to arrive in flocks until March.

So, it’s the best practice to put out the hummingbird feeders when we’re in the second half of February.

New York

Most hummingbirds like to arrive in early spring in several states of the USA. However, in New York, these birds will return a bit late during May.

If you want to attract these birds in huge numbers, try putting out the feeders in the last part of April. Early feeder installation will result in birds staying for a longer time.

So, for New York, the best time to put out the hummingbird feeders is in April.

North Carolina

Hummingbirds arrive in North Carolina starting in March, which continues up to April. 

But, the first migrant birds can be seen as early as February. So, it’s better to put out the feeders in February.

However, the departure season for most hummingbirds begins in mid-September. Because they dislike the cold, they frequently travel to Mexico to the Southern route from North Carolina.

North Dakota

The hummingbirds stay in North Dakota for the shortest time. They’ll arrive late when it’s April and will leave by August. When they start to come into the state, the process takes about one month.

When it’s time to depart, they’ll leave in multiple flocks starting from August, which continues up to September. So, put out the feeders from April to August.


Hummingbirds migrating to Ohio start to arrive in late March and continue north to their chosen nesting spot, which is usually close to their birthplace.

By mid-June, you can expect these birds to leave, but many will remain in Ohio for the remainder of the summer.

So, put the hummingbird feeders in March for the best results.


Male hummingbirds arrive in Oklahoma during March and April, with females following soon. Male birds migrate earliest in the fall, often as early as September.

Females and children will be extinct by the middle of October, with a few remaining stragglers. So, March is the best time to put out the feeders.

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Hummingbirds on their way south usually arrive in the last week of February or the first week of March.

The ideal time to see hummingbirds in Oregon is during the post-breeding dispersion phase, which occurs around August.

Hummingbirds, both young and old, are putting on weight in preparation for the arduous journey south to their seasonal habitats.


Spring means it’s the time for hummingbirds to visit Pennsylvania as several species of these birds visit the state. Among all the species, the Ruby-throated arrives in Pennsylvania in May, which is a bit late.

However, the other hummingbird species like the Rufous one come to the state in early February. So, we should put out the feeders in February and continue until August.

Rhode Island

Many birdwatchers look forward to the arrival of the hummingbirds in the spring since it is an opportunity to see them in their natural habitat.

They are the first among the birds to reach Rhode Island from Central and South America, where they spent the winter.

South Carolina

The mating season for Ruby-throated Hummingbirds begins in late March and lasts until early April. 

Hummingbird feeders are frequently placed in gardens around the middle of March in South Carolina.

South Dakota

One of the tiny birds that South Dakota residents witness is the hummingbird.

By mid-May, South Dakotans can hope to see their favorite hummingbirds. Then, in September, they go on their annual migration.

The only hummingbird species reliably found in South Dakota is the ruby-throated hummingbird.


Tennessee has a wide duration when the hummingbirds visit. These birds start coming in flocks starting in late March.

However, the hummingbirds sometimes won’t be seen until the end of April. So, we should put out the feeders starting from March and wait until April to see if these birds arrive or not.


The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds come to Texas between March and May and breed from April to September. 

Weather factors and nesting suitability play a role in breeding these birds.

From late July to mid-November, these birds leave for their wintering sites.


Most migrating hummingbirds land in Utah in late April or early May and depart in late September. 

They’re most common in the state’s southwest corner. Some are permanent residents, while others are tourists on a regular or irregular basis.


This state has the perfect timing for Hummingbirds. Starting from early April, these birds continue to arrive in Vermont until mid-May.

So, the best time to put out the bird feeders in Vermont is between late March and early May


In Virginia, the hummingbirds will arrive in the first few weeks of April. So you can expect the visual of these birds by 15th April.

So, put out the hummingbird feeders in the last part of March to get the best results. People usually install the feeders early to get more birds in their backyards.


Washington hummingbird lovers should install hummingbird feeders in February to attract the earliest migrating hummingbirds.

There will be male and female hummingbirds in the area simultaneously. Hummingbirds on their way south will be arriving until the middle of May.

West Virginia

Starting from late March to early April, the hummingbirds are seen arriving in West Virginia.

So, it’s the best practice to put out the bird feeders in the middle of March.

Early feeder installation always ensures a more significant number of birds coming into your backyard.


The hummingbirds prefer the much warmer climate of the Wisconsin state. So, these birds will arrive in early May to get their needed warmth.

So, start putting out the feeders in the last part of April to attract the early migrants to Wisconsin.


Like the Wisconsin state, the hummingbirds start arriving in Wyoming in May.

However, the most common hummingbird type in the state is the Ruby-throated hummingbird.

So, if you want a lot of these birds, try installing the birds feed in your backyard earlier when it’s late April.

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What is the best month to put out Hummingbird feeders?

What is the best month to put out Hummingbird feeders

So far, we’ve talked about more than fifty states of the USA putting out the feeders for hummingbirds. We can see that most of these birds come during the spring, anywhere between February and March.

While some birds come during April and May, the most common time for these birds is March to the start of April. So, the best month to put out the hummingbird feeders is March.

However, February will be the best option if you require more of these birds to visit your garden or backyard. Remember that early feeders can attract more birds.

When should I start putting out my Hummingbird feeder?

The best season to install or install the hummingbird feeder is spring. It’s because the flowers start to bloom at that time, and the nectars are available widely.

So, the migrating birds like hummingbirds will come to your place when it’s spring. Depending on your location, you should put out the feeder accordingly.

Should a Hummingbird feeder be in the sun or in the shade?

These feeders should be kept both in the sun and in the shade. Continuous sunlight exposure might destroy the feeders’ food and texture.

However, we should keep the feeder in the sun for a few hours so that the foods don’t go bad and the feeder doesn’t accumulate any bacteria.

But, just when it’s afternoon and the temperature rises, we should keep the hummingbird feeder in the shade.

Where’s the best place to hang a Hummingbird feeder?

Where’s the best place to hang a Hummingbird feeder

The best places to hang a hummingbird feeder depend on the location and availability of food.

If there’re enough insects and nectar plants in your garden, it’s the best place to hang the bird feeder.

However, the best practice is to place the feeder in a protective shade to ease the birds’ feeding.

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Final Words

So, after discussing the time to put out hummingbird a feeder for more than fifty states, our topic is towards the end. By now, most USA bird lovers should know the perfect timing to install hummingbird feeders.

Due to weather conditions and other factors, the time to place the bird feeders might vary. However, on average, early March is the best time to put out the feeders. That way, the early migrant birds will be attracted to your backyard.

If you’ve got some additional questions on hummingbirds and their feeder, let us know so we can move this topic forward.

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