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18 Bird With Red Head

Bird With Red Head 

You might have a variety of beautiful birds in the world, but have you ever witnessed the most mesmerizing bird in this world? If not, then you’re at the right place because here in this article, we’ll tell you about 18 different types of bird with red head and fascinating overall appearances.  

They can be found in different parts of the world, and each has its own distinct features.  Some people might think that all bird with red head look the same, but this is definitely not the case, as each has its own unique characteristics.

These birds include House Finch, Summer Tanager, Purple Finch, Scarlet Tanager, Cassin’s Finch, Western Tanager, Red Crossbill, Northern Cardinal and many more. In this blog post, we will take a look at these 18 bird species that have glorious redheads!


18 Birds With Red Head

In North America, there are several species of birds that sport a beautiful red head. The most well-known is probably the cardinal, but others include the red-winged blackbird, the bullock’s oriole, and the summer tanager. 

While the hue of their feathers may vary slightly, all these birds share one thing in common: a striking and vibrant red head. But why are their heads red? Scientists believe that the color serves as a form of camouflage, helping the birds to blend in with their surroundings and avoid predators. 

In addition, the bright red color is thought to play a role in mate selection, as it is an important factor in attracting a potential partner.

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that birds with red heads are among the most beautiful and distinctive creatures in the bird world. Now, let us discuss 18 different bird with red head in detail. 

1. Purple Finch

Purple Finch

The purple finch (Haemorhous purpureus) is a bird that is found throughout North America. It has a bright red colored head.

The adult male has a distinctive purple plumage, while the female is paler with brownish streaks. These birds are often seen in woods and gardens, where they feed on seeds and insects. 

2. House Finch

House Finches

The House Finch is an enchanting bird with red head found in gardens and backyards in America.

It is a seed eater, and it feeds on sunflower seeds, thistle seeds, and other small seeds. The House Finch also eats insects, and it will often perch on trees and bushes to eat insects.

The female House Finch lays 3 to 5 eggs in her nest. 

3. Cassin’s Finch

Cassin's Finch

The Cassin’s Finch is found in open woodlands and mountain meadows, where it feeds on seeds, berries, and insects. This beautiful bird is most easily identified by its red head, although the male and female birds have different plumage.

The male bird has a black body with white stripes on the wings, while the female bird is brown with streaks of white. Look for these pretty little birds the next time you’re out birdwatching!

4. Summer Tanager

Bird With Red Head 

The Summer Tanager is an amazing bird with a red head. Found in woods and forest edges in the eastern United States, this bird is a member of the Cardinal family.

The summer tanager is a medium-sized bird with a long tail. It has a strong bill and is an excellent flyer. The plumage of the male is brilliant red, while that of the female is yellowish green. 

5. Western Tanager

Western Tanager 

The Western Tanager is a captivating bird having a bright red colored head. It can be found in a variety of habitats, including forests, woodlands, and even urban areas.

It is an important member of the ecosystem, as it helps to control insect populations. It has a lifespan of about 6 years.

6. Red Crossbill

Red Crossbill

The Red Crossbill is a type of finch that is easily distinguished by its bright red head. Unlike most birds, which use their beaks to peck at food, Red Crossbill use their beaks to pry open cones and extract the seeds.

Their calls are loud and metallic-sounding, and they often form large flocks that can be quite noisy. 

Although they are not considered endangered, crossbills are declining in some areas due to habitat loss. As a result, they are listed as a species of concern by the IUCN.

7. Pine Grosbeak

Bird With Red Head 

The pine grosbeak is a large, plump bird with a short, stout bill and rounded wings. The male has a bright red head and breasts, while the female is mostly greyish-brown.

In the winter months, they often congregate in flocks and can be seen visiting backyard bird feeders. The pine grosbeak is a beautiful bird that is well worth seeking out on your next hike or nature walk.

8. Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

The northern cardinal is found in wooded areas throughout the eastern United States and parts of Canada.

Cardinals are relatively small birds, with adults measuring 9-11 inches in length. In addition to their vivid red plumage, cardinals also have black bills and legs.

The northern cardinal is a stunning bird that adds color and beauty to the woods it calls home.

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9. Pyrrhuloxia


The Pyrrhuloxia, also known as the desert cardinal, is a bird with red head and grey body. It is native to the deserts of the southwestern United States, but it can also be found in parts of Mexico.

The Pyrrhuloxia is most active in the early morning and late afternoon, when it can often be seen perched atop cacti or bushes. 

10. Scarlet Tanager

Scarlet Tanager

The Scarlet Tanager is a beautiful bird found in wooded areas of North and South America, where they prefer to nest in trees.

Tanagers are attracted to areas with plenty of insects, which they eat using their long, curved beaks. Although they are fairly small birds, Scarlet Tanagers are known for their powerful singing voices. 

11. Vermilion Flycatcher

Vermilion Flycatcher

The Vermilion Flycatcher is a small bird with a bright red head. Despite its name, the bird is not a true flycatcher.

It is actually a member of the tyrannid family, which includes cuckoos, kingbirds, and kites. The birds hunt for insects in low vegetation or on the ground. The bird nests in trees or shrubs, often near water. 

12. Red-bellied Woodpecker

Red-bellied Woodpecker

The red-bellied woodpecker is a member of the family Picadae, which also includes the blue jay and the crow. The bird gets its name from the red patch of feathers on its belly, which is visible when the bird is in flight.

The bird typically nests in tree cavities. The red-bellied woodpecker is not currently considered to be endangered. However, its numbers have declined in recent years, likely due to habitat loss and fragmentation.

13. Acorn Woodpecker

Acorn Woodpecker

The Acorn Woodpecker is a small to medium-sized bird with red head that is found in North and South America.

The Acorn Woodpecker has a black body with white stripes on its back. The female has a brown head, whereas the male has a red head.

The Acorn Woodpecker is a very fascinating bird. It is known to store acorns in holes that it drills in trees. The Acorn Woodpecker is a very interesting bird that is definitely worth learning more about.

14. Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

The Downy Woodpecker is a fascinating bird with red head and a black body. It feeds on insects, and it usually excavates its own nesting cavity.

The bird has a wide variety of calls, and its drumming can be heard from up to a kilometer away. The Downy Woodpecker is a common bird, and it is often seen in gardens and parks.

15. Red-headed Woodpecker

Red-headed Woodpecker

The Downy Woodpecker is a small bird with a red head and a black body. It is found in North America, and it is the smallest member of the woodpecker family.

The Downy Woodpecker feeds on insects, and it usually excavates its own nesting cavity.

The bird has a wide variety of calls, and its drumming can be heard from up to a kilometer away. The Downy Woodpecker is a common bird, and it is often seen in gardens and parks.

16. Red-breasted Sapsucker

Red-breasted Sapsucker

The Red-headed Woodpecker is a beautiful bird and has a striking red head. Although their populations have declined in recent years, they are still a common sight in many forests.

In addition to their distinctive red heads, these woodpeckers also have white bellies and black wings with white bars. They are medium-sized birds, measuring about 16 inches from head to tail. 

17. Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is a medium-sized bird with a black back, white belly, and yellow flanks. It has a long, stout bill and red head. Males have a red throat, while females have a white throat.

These birds are important pollinators of trees and shrubs. The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is the only member of the Sapidae family in North America.

18. Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker

18. The Pileated Woodpecker is a large, black bird often found in wooded areas, where it feeds on insects and other small animals. It excavates large nesting holes in trees.

These holes provide homes not only for the woodpeckers themselves, but also for other animals such as squirrels and snakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most well-known bird with red head is the northern cardinal and other common birds that sport a red head include the house finch, black-headed grosbeak, and scarlet tanager.

However, regardless of their species, all birds with red heads share one thing in common, their striking appearance is sure to turn heads wherever they go. Let’s discuss some most frequently asked questions about bird with red head. 

What looks like a sparrow but has a red head?

A House Sparrow. The male House Sparrow has a bright red head and chest in the breeding season. Other seasons, the head is mostly black with a little bit of red on the throat.

What bird has a red hat?

The bird with a red hat is the cardinal. Cardinals are North American birds that are easily recognized by their bright red plumage. They are seed-eaters, and while they can be found in a variety of habitats, they prefer woodlands and thickets.

Why do birds have red heads?

There are a few reasons why birds have red heads. 

One is that the color can help attract a mate. 

For some species, like the red-headed woodpecker, the color is also associated with aggression and dominance. 

Additionally, the red coloration can help birds stay warm in cold weather. The blood vessels in a bird’s head help keep its body temperature elevated, and the red color amplifies this warming effect.

What bird has a red head and black and white body?

The Red-headed Woodpecker is a medium-sized woodpecker with a black body, white wings, and a red head. They are found in open woodlands and parklands across much of North America. These birds eat insects, nuts, fruit and seeds.

Are red-headed finches rare?

No, Red-headed finches are not rare, but they are not found in every part of the world. They are usually seen in grasslands and open woodlands. These birds feed on seeds, insects, and other small animals.


The red head trait is a recessive gene, so it’s not surprising that the percentage of bird with red head is low. But, even though the trait may be rare, it still makes these birds stand out and can be used to attract attention to them.

The next time you see a cardinal or other bird with bright red feathers, take a second look because you may be witnessing an example of natural selection in action. 

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