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Black Birds with Yellow Beaks

Black Birds with Yellow Beaks

Most people who love birds are familiar with the black birds with yellow beaks. They’re common in many parts of North America and have a distinctive beak. You may not know that there are several different types of blackbirds, each with unique features. 

The black birds with yellow beaks are a common sight in many parts of North America. They have a distinctive beak which is yellow at the base and turns black towards the tip. These birds are relatively large and can be found in various habitats, including open fields, forests, and wetlands.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the different kinds of black birds with yellow beaks you might see in your backyard. We’ll also discuss other important information regarding these birds. So sit tight and keep reading!


8 Black Birds with Yellow Beaks

There are many different types of birds worldwide, each with its unique plumage and coloring. Among the most striking are black birds with yellow beaks. These beautiful creatures are often seen in wooded areas and gardens and are a lovely addition to any birdwatcher’s collection.

Here are eight of the most popular black birds with yellow beaks:

1. Yellow-billed Chough

Yellow-billed Chough

Another name for the yellow-billed chough is alpine chough. These birds are from the crow family and have an exquisite appearance to visitors. The alpine chough comes with black body color along with a yellow-colored beak. However, the red feet of these birds make them colorful birds.

Note that the alpine chough doesn’t have any specific habitat. Instead, the birds are found widely in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Also, these birds love to live in the mountains and dense forests. These birds love to eat seeds and little insects during the daytime. However, they’re not nocturnal as they’re most active during the day.

2. Common Blackbird

Black Birds with Yellow Beaks

Turdidae is a family of thrush birds that includes the Common Blackbird. The bird is black with a yellow circle around its eyes. This bird has a yellow bill, which is amusing for bird lovers.

The bird is also known as blackbird thrush or simply black thrush. It’s small to medium-sized birds found in woods and gardens. This black bird with yellow beak is mainly found in Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

The bird has a strong voice which it uses to make sounds during the mating.If you don’t include the tail feathers, it is 12-14 inches long. 
Adult males typically weigh 4 ounces, while females weigh somewhat less, around 3.5 ounces. We can find nesting places for these birds in coastal wetlands, riverbanks, gardens, inland woodlands, riverbeds, and wetlands.

3. European Starling

European starling - black birds with yellow beaks

These birds are native to Europe. After 1980, the starlings were seen by many people in Asia, Africa, and several parts of the USA. As the habitat of these birds is diverse, so is their food habit. They’ll eat anything from insects, seeds, small eggs of birds, etc. Overall, anything small that is edible is preferable to these birds.

These birds have a great appearance with black plumage and yellow beaks. These birds love to rest high up in the trees during the night. The length of an adult European starling is around 7-9 inches. The wingspan of these birds is between 13-15 inches. And they weigh only 2-3 ounces.

4. Common Myna

Common Myna

Common mynas are native to Asia and Australia, but we can also expect them elsewhere. However, unlike the other blackbirds, these birds live in rural areas mostly. We can see them on the rooftop, on high buildings, trees, etc. 

While some birds eat only vegetables or meat, these birds eat both. Among the insects, grasshoppers and locusts are their favorite food items. They will nest anywhere with abundant food and water resources.

Note that the Common myna isn’t entirely black. Instead, this bird has a brown body and black head with a yellow bill. However, the colors might vary to adverse weather conditions.

5. Hill Myna

Hill Myna

Coming from the Sturnidae family, the Hill Myna is native to many Asian countries. The feathers of these birds are black and, of course, come with yellow beaks. They have a yellow neck with a lining that goes up to their eyes. Overall, they’re fantastic for bird lovers in many ways.

These birds can be a great pet to many as they can make fantastic chirping sounds. The weight of these birds is 0.3 to 0.5 pounds on average and can weigh up to 12 pounds at most.

The length of these birds is around 11 to 13 inches, and the wingspan is between 16.5 and 22 inches.

6. Black Thrush

Black Thrush - black birds with yellow beaks

The black thrush is a black bird with a yellow beak native to Mexico and Central America. Female Black Thrushes are brownish in hue, unlike males. The feather color for both male and female thrushes is black, no exception.

Black Thrushes are known to prey on various tiny animals, including insects, fruit, lizards, snakes, and amphibians. If you want these birds to hover around your backyard, try placing some fruits and small insects.

Their natural habitat is coastal forests. However, they will frequently visit parks and gardens near human settlements. It’s where they hunt for bugs and other small creatures on the ground.

7. Yellow-legged Thrush

Yellow-legged Thrush

The yellow-legged thrush is a songbird native to South America. These birds don’t only have yellow beaks but also yellow eye rings and legs. The body is black, and the plumage is shiny.

Lands with water resources, woodlands, and similar places are favorites for these birds. The food habit of the yellow-legged thrush is mainly fruits and insects. Note that these birds are found widely in Brazil and Uruguay.

These are the most endangered among the other thrush birds because many hunts for these birds. However, the frequent egg nesting of the female is still responsible for these birds to prevail.

8. Yellow-billed Magpie

Yellow-billed Magpie

These birds are mainly found in California. Unfortunately, experts say that this magpie version is only found in California. However, these black birds with yellow beaks have an excellent appearance.

The black plumage and the white under part of these birds are unique, along with their yellow bills. The feathers of these birds are blue (shiny), making them four-colored magpies.

One of the reasons these birds are found in only one location is habitat loss in the Niles. 
In addition, reports say that a virus hit the yellow-billed magpie in the Niles. So, these birds are now found in the USA (California zone)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Crow has a Yellow Beak?

A bird from the crow family known as the alpine chough has a yellow beak. However, the plumage of this crow is shiny black. The bird comes with red legs and has unique chirping sounds. Overall, among the crows, the alpine chough is the favorite of bird lovers.

What is the name of a small bird with a yellow beak?

There’re a couple of small black birds with yellow beaks. However, the alpine chough and the female summer tanager are two notable examples. Western tanager and European starling are also two instances of small yellow-beaked birds. Note that the European starling is not an entirely small bird. Instead, they can be small to medium-sized.

There are crows with yellow beaks

Yes, there’re crows with yellow beaks. We’ve already mentioned the Alpine chough in a previous section of this article. However, due to their similar appearance, many think of the common blackbird as a crow. Overall, there’re not many crows with yellow beaks. The only notable bird from the crow family with a yellow beak is the Alpine Chough.

How Can I Attract Yellow-Billed Magpies To My Backyard?

Try placing food sources like fruits and insects in your backyard to attract these birds. Additionally, provide water resources like a small pond or birdbath as these birds prefer habitats with water.

What Is The Difference Between A Male And Female Black Thrush?

Male black thrushes tend to be more brightly colored than females, with glossy black feathers. Females are more brownish in hue, and their plumage is not as lustrous. Both sexes have black beaks.

What Is The Difference Between A Magpie And A Crow?

The main difference between these two birds is in their tail feathers. Magpies have long, tapered tails, while crows have shorter, square-ended tails. Additionally, magpies are more brightly colored than crows and have a characteristic white patch on their wings.

What Do Yellow-Legged Thrushes Eat?

Yellow-legged thrushes primarily eat fruits and insects. They may also feed on small creatures like lizards or frogs if available. These birds typically hunt for food on the ground in parks or gardens near human settlements.

Final Words

Birds are fascinating creatures and come in all shapes and sizes. In this article, we’ve learned about some of the unique features of black birds with yellow beaks such as yellow-billed magpies, black thrushes, crows, and alpine choughs.

Additionally, we looked at what these birds eat and how to attract them to your backyard. Hopefully, you’re now more knowledgeable about some of the different types of birds that live in North America. 

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  1. I live on the coast of Oregon. Every morning I see a few small black birds (smaller than a robin) with a pale yellow beak. They have a pattern of going thru the grassy areas then on their way until the next morning.
    Would love to know what they are.

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